Cath Kidston dog bed

It’s been a funny old weekend. I just can’t seem to shake this jetlag from Los Angeles. I’ve yet to have an unbroken night’s sleep since I returned over a week ago, and have been falling asleep drooling over my laptop mid afternoon for three or four hours at a time. It’s causing me no end of trouble: I’ve behind with blogging, have an out of control inbox and piles of stuff to do. (Because when I am awake from say 3-7am, the last thing I want to do is tackle email or chores.)

Still, there have been some high points. I’ve been testing lots of new recipes, went for a long walk in Regent’s Park, and saw the dog for the first time in three weeks. Because she gets so over-excited when she sees me, even after a two or three day absence, we thought it better to wait until her post-op scars had closed up a bit. In fact she got so over-excited this morning that she had to promptly settle down for a nap the moment we got home. As did I.

I think we can count her new Cath Kidston dog bed as a huge success. We discovered a while back that little dogs like very little beds in which they can curl up very tightly, and had been looking for a replacement to her smelly old leopard print one for ages. I was thrilled to spot this one at a Cath Kidston press appointment recently, and they very kindly sent it as a gift for P Bad. It’s just high enough to support her head if she decides to stretch out, and can go in the washing machine. Perfect all round. (The white in the photo below is my duvet – spoilt dog likes the best of both worlds when she’s hanging out with me.)

Cath Kidston dog bed

Cath Kidston Stanley-patterned round dog bed. Available in 3 different sizes, from £28.

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I found that as I got older the more jet lag coming from the West Coast back to London affected me. It ended up taking me 3 weeks to get over it. I used to make at least one trip, sometimes two, a year and it was usually in wintertime (December/January) that it affected me more.

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