Sasha Wilkins for Diesel
My last collaboration with Diesel: Sasha Wilkins for Diesel Spring summer 12

I’ve always engaged and worked with new technology: I was one of the first global online fashion newswire reporters over ten years ago and, over the past five and a half years since I started LibertyLondonGirl, I’ve been an early adopter of well, everything I could lay my hands – or mouse – on.

It’s partly because I can’t resist the lure of the new, and partly because I love the way that new technology can systematically organise my life.

So I’m very pleased to announce that my latest project is one that weaves together both fashion in the bricks and mortar world and fashion online, whilst helping organise and enhance my shopping plans.

You may remember that almost exactly a year ago I worked with Diesel to model the key pieces from their pre-SS12 collection. This season we are taking our collaboration to a completely new dimension, as the inaugural partners of Tapestry, an innovative and exciting new tech start-up that aims to enhance the entire real world retail experience via the smartphone in your hand.

Okay: so lots of words. But what is it exactly? Just before I left for Los Angeles, I went off to the Diesel flagship store in Westfield, one of London’s largest premium shopping malls, armed with my Samsung S3 Android smartphone to check it out.

At its simplest Tapestry is the perfect shopping aide memoire: so often when I am in store, I am reduced to blurry camera phone shots to remind me of things I’ve liked or tried on. With Tapestry, a simple swing tag scan using a combination of NFC* and barcodes on my smartphone uploaded all the information I could possible need, from price to availability, to one neat app.

But there’s so much more to Tapestry, and it’s just as useful for real time shopping as post-trip reminding: Immediately the scan brought up content related to or featuring that item – reviews from bloggers and editors, rich media such as videos and runway shows, as well as essential information like size, price, fabric & colour.

Then it started to get even more interesting: when I interacted with an item by scanning the swingtag, I could choose to save it to my ‘Tapestry’ – my personally edited list of my favourite pieces.

From here I could to choose to share my options across all my social networks, get notifications if my chosen items are included in a magazine shoot, go on sale, or if stock is close to selling out, as well, as course, buying direct from my phone at a later date wherever I might be.

Sasha Wilkins for Diesel 2
Sasha Wilkins for Diesel SS12

So, like last year, we’re going to be shooting me in my edit of my favourite AW12 pieces, which will run in a national magazine. Then those images will be added to Tapestry so that when a shopper scans a swingtag, it’ll bring up them up when the relevant items are scanned, as LLG’s styling suggestions.

We’re also going to be running a fantastic competition later this month, allowing someone to win my Diesel AW12 edit by scanning the correct items in the Westfield London store with their smartphone.

So, all in all, lots going on, and, of course, I’ll be running the behind the scenes shoot photos on LLG as we did last time, (& here too) as well as showing how Tapestry works for me. (Do check out the Tapestry website here.)

Diesel Westfield, Unit 1056, Westfield London shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7GB

*NFC is Near Field Communication, (at the moment  it’s available for Android only), which you can simply enable in your phone’s Settings. It’s the same technology that is used in car key fobs to allow keyless security.

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You look so THIN and glam and YOUR HAIR is perfection.

Luff it all.



Congratulations Sasha – what a great collaboration to be involved with! Such a brilliant concept and very well suited to LLG. Had forgotten how fabulous your Diesel shots were – gorgeous! xx


Sounds very interesting! Tried to search for Tapestry on App Store, but could not find any relevant results. Keep us updated? 🙂


Wow! As someone who also loves a good bit of technology this sounds brilliant. Will look forward to hearing about the developments 🙂

Loving the styling from last year’s shoot too.



You look so different ! But GOOD different . Loves it


You Look stunning


Wow! Very looong legs…

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