miniature wire haired dacshund

Poor Pottles. I don’t think it’s possible for her to be any more po-faced than she is right about now. As with all dachshunds, she does not take kindly to being controlled in any way, and having to sport a large plastic cone around her neck is both, frankly, beyond the pale, and an insult to her dignity.

The reason she’s wearing the Cone of Shame™  is because she’s had a series of benign warts (delightful): on her forehead, her back, and on each paw. She’s been scritch, scritch, scritch for a month or so trying to reach them, and has taken to sucking the ones on her paws ’till they were raw.  So, although it’s always a tough decision to submit a small dog to an operation, it was clear that the two weeks or so of recuperation far outweighed the potential months of discomfort they would cause her.

So lil’sis took her in to the vet whilst I was in Los Angeles, and the deed was done. (She sent me the photo above on the way home.)

She also had a large lump on her chest that the vet had wanted to biopsy for ages, but which we felt was too invasive  a procedure on its own. As she was going under, they ended up removing the lump for safety’s sake, so she really does look like she has been in the wars.

She’s been convalescencing in the countryside with my mama: there’s a lot more room for a little dog with a Cone of Shame  and sore paws there than in a London flat, and she comes back tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her, not just because it’s nearly three weeks, but because The World’s Most Spoilt Dog has a pile of presents waiting for her: Cath Kidston have sent her a divine new dog bed, and Whistles dispatched the Uh-May-Zing Marcus Lupfer Woof! sweater.

PS I’ve had several queries about her natty dog carrier. I believe my father bought it from OKA, but they don’t make them any more. The nearest that I have found is this one on eBay.

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Aw bless her lil cotton socks! hope she is back to herself soon.
Thinks of that calpol advert lol


One seriously spoilt gorgeous dog, bless her and hope she is well soon.


My sister discovered an alternative to the cone, it actually looks quite comfortable, along the lines of the inflatable pillows one uses for long-haul flights. Here is a photo of her cat wearing it:

I think it’s a great idea.


Oh little Posetta, we love reading of your adventures and wish you a speedy return to naughtiness!


Hope she is back on form very quickly. Do you ever use Tea Tree oil? I always have it in the house and have used it with great success on my dog on any cut, bump or irritation that she gets. Have successfully treated her cut foot pad without having to go to the vet. It’s a miracle treatment all round I think.


I know I’m not supposed to laugh but that is the funniest picture I’ve seen in forever. I can’t stop looking at it! She actually looks like K9!

I do hope she’s ok though obviously x

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