L wren Scott Ears Sarah Jessica Parker

Want. Want. Want.

I do love a veil. I got a taste for them when Piers Atkinson lent me a hat with a glorious spangled one for Vidal Sassoon’s memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral last month, and feel these ears + veil could be a key part of the Christmas party outfit arsenal, which is currently being put together chez LLG.  Certainly a chic -er alternative to Mistletoe deely-boppers. Although maybe a touch over the top for the British Fashion Awards next week?


Part of Barney’s rather clever Electric Holiday collection for Christmas (I’m English, we do Christmas, not ‘Holidays’), these L’Wren Scott Minnie Mouse Ears are a jaw dropping-ly affordable $48. (Do take a moment to drool over the current Ms Scott offer elsewhere on the Barney’s site.)

Much to my chagrin they aren’t online at the moment, but I’ll be constantly refreshing until they are mine. (My spies tell me that the ears will be on sale online in a week.)

(Apologies for two Objects of Desire in a week,  as opposed to the normal one every few months or so, but how I could I resist these?)

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I absolutely love those mickey mouse ears. She still looks elegant and chic despite the reference to a disney character!

All I want for Christmas is…..that

My new blog is here!




Cute, but having worked at Walt Disney World, I could never wear these out in public! I wear a Mickey Mouse eared santa hat when opening Christmas gifts, though. That feels completely normal in a mocking kind of way.


Love SJP and she looks so cute here! Those mickey mouse ears are adorable! I must have some for Christmas. 🙂

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