National Maternity Support Foundation Christmas Card If you have yet to buy your Christmas cards this year and are looking for a good cause to support, then please may I direct you to the cards sold by Jake’s Charity?

I know charity support is a very personal thing and, as I have so many wonderful mothers who read LLG, I thought I would let you know about the National Maternity Support Foundation (NMSF) aka Jake’s Charity.

Seven years ago Rachel & Andrew Canter lost their baby Jake, my dear friend Emma’s nephew, in wholly avoidable circumstances. In his memory, they set up a registered charity, the National Maternity Support Foundation, which works to improve maternity care, stop the closure of maternity units and, given that it is Jake’s charity, improve bereavement counselling following the death of a baby.

All proceeds from sales of cards on their site go to the NMSF charity,

“National Maternity Support Foundation (NMSF) is Jake’s Charity. It was set up following the tragic stillbirth of Jake Canter due to the nearest hospital maternity unit being closed. NMSF’s founding principles are to take a ‘proactive educative approach’ to maternity care occupying the ‘sensible middle ground’ of public opinion and to help stop these closures happening.

The campaign began in September 2006 to Keep Hospitals Open ensuring Jake did not die in vain. This activity raised awareness of the tragic consequences of hospitals and in particular maternity units closing due to lack of staff and beds as a result of underfunding and cutbacks in essential services.

There is now a growing database of the tragic consequences caused by these closures. Sadly, it is becoming increasingly clear that these are no longer isolated incidents and are occurring nationwide. Through this information sharing we firmly believe that NMSF can make the necessary changes to stop this happening to others.

We are working in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), the professional body of Midwives and consult closely with them on issues surrounding maternity care. Professor Cathy Warwick CBE, General Secretary of the RCM is our lead Patron.

NMSF is totally committed to making a difference, helping save lives.”

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Hi Sasha,
A very worthy cause indeed; I know the pain of losing a baby, although I lost mine due to an unexpected medical condition as opposed to quality of the care I received.
None the less, however one loses ones child, it is a very painful and sad time, hence childless parents need all the support they can get and it is great to see charities such as Jake’s raising awareness of what is happening and offering support to those whom it happens to.
Thank you for offering us the opportunity to learn about this charity and to help it grow by offering support.
Best wishes,


Yes I am a mother that loves your blog and it breaks my heart to read this. My Christmas cards will definitely be brought through Jake’s Charity. Thank you.


I too lost two babies so understand how utterly devastating it is and how you never do recover. Amazing that Jake’s parents set this charity up in his memory, I will do all I can to help promote its work. Thank you for sharing this with us x


Sasha just to let you know the link above appears broken (‘wholly unavoidable circumstances’).

What a great and worthwhile charity and how amazing they have found the strength to set this up in Jake’s memory after such a terrible tragedy.

Clare (SparklySexyCool) xx

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