Sasha Wilkins
(At Goodwood in my father’s racing MGA this afternoon.)

My goodness, it’s been a crazy few days. Last week I had four clear days over the weekend, from Friday through Monday, where I was able to organise myself, tackle the email mountain, and re-charge, with no meetings or engagements whatsoever. In contrast, these past five days have felt like I packed in about two week’s worth of activities.

It’s Sod’s Law really that I can go days with nothing much to do, bar work appointments & events, but the moment someone asks me on a date, my diary is booked solidly back-to-back for nigh on a month.

But I can’t complain, because I have had a splendid, pretty self-indulgent time, of the type that reminds me why being single and child-free in your late thirties is often a remarkably excellent thing. The grass is not, I was reminded each time I looked through my camera lens at something beautiful, interesting, placid, and child-free over the past weekend, necessarily greener on the married with infants side. (And I mulled for quite a long time over Hannah Betts’ piece in The Times this Saturday on single girls who are that way pretty much because they choose to be – consciously or not.)

That being said, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t get crushingly lonely sometimes or don’t have to fight off the black dog. But there’s balance in everything and, for the time being, my status quo is pretty much status ok.

Barbour Shooting Dinner
(Place setting for the Barbour Dinner.)

So: what was I up to? On Thursday, after a breakfast meeting, two appointments and Elevenses with lovely Nicola of Next to Nicx, I headed to Kent in a borrowed brand new Range Rover for a dinner & overnight stay at The Bell in Ticehurst organised by my friends at Barbour.

(Smarden High Street & St Michael’s Church)

I left early for Kent so I could go via the village where I grew up, Smarden, which I have only visited twice in the past twenty or so years.

Richard Storer
(Mr. Executive Fashion Director making friends with Chino the Lurcher at the Barbour Dinner.)

On Friday Barbour took a group of slightly hungover (not me sadly, for after the dinner I worked until 3am to make up for my day’s outing) editors clay pigeon shooting in East Sussex. (An amazing day.)

(The Girls Shooting team, resplendent top to toe in Barbour in the Beech Woods.)

I drove back to London mid-afternoon with celerity, for I had a ridiculous evening planned. First up was Muse at the O2. Friends at Harper’s Bazaar & Esquire invited me to join them as guests of Raymond Weil in their box (thank you THANK YOU), and took Hannah as my plus one. There was quite a lot of dancing and some rawk finger action.

The moment Muse finished their umpteenth encore, Hannah & I SPRINTED to the tube, for I was off to the midnight screening of Skyfall at the IMAX with Chloe & lil’sis. She had a spare ticket, and I did not like the idea of my sister wandering Waterloo alone at 3am in the freezing cold, so I stashed the shiny Range Rover in the South Bank car park before Muse, (taking the tube to the O2) so I could drive us home afterwards, warming our bottoms on the heated seats.

(We LOVED Skyfall. It is an excellent film, adhering to all the James Bond film codes, but pushing the franchise forward in an intelligent, visual and thoroughly enjoyable manner. I do hope Sam Mendes gets to direct the next one too.)

Euf. I got home at 330 after dropping her off, and blogged till 430am, because I knew Saturday was going to be a complete writeoff.

Molly Bakes cupcakes
(Doggie Cupcakes – for humans – by Molly Bakes.)

I surfaced at ten to one and, grabbing Posetta Baddog, rushed off to the Trace Publicity Dog Day Afternoon for editors, to meet various dog accoutrement vendors and a wonderful dog trainer. I’m afraid that when I finally got home, I pretty much slept for the rest of the day – and the evening.

Eltham Palace

On Sunday the shiny Range Rover was still sitting outside my flat begging for an outing, so Hannah, Mark & I went off to explore the Art Deco wonder that is Eltham Palace in south east London, and then headed to Greenwich & The Rivington Grill for a late lunch and squint at the Cutty Sark.

Cutty Sark

So that was the weekend. And today I had a long-standing date with my father to go track driving in his MGA at Goodwood. I felt VERY naughty having already had four days of activity behind me, but thank goodness for BlackBerries and remote working. Between circuits I sat in his Jeep and frantically bashed out emails. Truly the modern age really does allow for a lot of multi-tasking.

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You might be interested in this post about not having children – and the wide ranging comments it attracted. For me it has made amazing things possible that I could never have dreamed of if I’d had the babies…


I really enjoyed reading this post. I am about read about single women in the NYC, although I am single I have two grown and almost grown children and now feel I take my life back and do all the things I wanted to do when they were small and couldn’t.


That car is phenomenal.


I think the key is making the best of the life you have, if there’s something that makes you unhappy, start taking small steps towards what you want today and the future will take care of itself. I love clay pigon shooting so much fun…



You might just have described a near perfect day in the life of..! What a fun post. This reminds me of the best of my UK, from my perch here in SF, CA.

There is no doubt you are the one of the hardest working girls I know and your dedication to keep at it is the antidote to my oft lazy self. But, I love even more to see that you know exactly where you are you are in your lifespan and embrace it as a single and fulfilled woman in so many ways.

It takes courage to say that you are perfectly fine, thanks, without little offspring, and it takes great girlfriend’s (who also might be mummy’s) to celebrate your choices, too. With friends all over the world, the right partner may come along but regardless, there are such countless experiences to have in the meantime!

That’s all about a true joy for living and a nearly indefatigable spirit! Keep racing MGA’s and enjoying the fab cupcakes that life has to offer!

Fond regards from a newly single, childless, on the way to being VERY content again, 40 something girl.xo


Exciting times. Lovely post Sasha.


I hear ya…life is great without kids, ‘though I love the kids who belong to the people I love, my friends and family. They’re wonderful little people but Its great to not have to worry about how I am spending my money or where I need to be. Either way, I think that life if good if its yours and you are healthy and productive. Loneliness can happen even when you are married with kids.
On another note, even though I’ve been an American student at Oxford, and worked as a waitress in London, I can honestly say that until recently, I have never heard the word “elevenses.” I must be the most unobservant person ever!!! What the heck is that?


Have you read Giles Coren’s review of Skyfall?
I haven’t seen the film and was looking forward to it after reading reading your comments and other great reviews, but after reading Giles’ piece I’m not sure I want to.

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