Beats by Dr. Dre Executive Headphones

Every time I get on a plane and read the SkyMall brochures I pause and gaze longingly at the photos of Bose or other noise-cancelling headphones. What bliss, I think, to have the din of the world around me muted at my whim. And therein of course lies the absolute irony: if you dream of noise-cancelling headphones on a plane you are most likely at the back in goat class, with your knees somewhere up around your elbows, a querulous passenger at your side, and no wherewithal for buying said expensive noise-cancelling headphones.

Still, a great pair of folding, over-the-head headphones always been on my fantasy want list for several reasons – not just because of the noise-cancelling properties. Of course it is the excellent sound quality that is the main reason. These beauties above, are by Beats Electronics, the  audio brand co-founded by artist and producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine, so that fans can hear music the way artists intended it to sound in the studio.

AND: a large pair of headphones immediately stops strangers from talking to you, especially handy on trains and buses if you are a sole traveller and want some peace.

Specs: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and an iOS compatible microphone cable for full phone functionality including answer/end, call waiting, call switching and voice command. The Executive comes in a classic silver and retails at £269.95.  Available for purchase from authorised Beats retailers, as well as at

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I travel a lot for work, economy long haul and noise cancelling headphones have been a revelation for me. I can’t remember the brand I have but now but they fold down in to a neat little bag. I stick on the headphones and watch whatever tv season I have downloaded on to my ipad and 10 hours in economy to Seoul whizzes by. I


I always look at these longingly as well, and find the noise on planes really quite unbearable sometimes. Do you, or anyone out there, know if these actually work? Do they cancel out the noise around you?


@Susieq772: I haven’t tried these partic ones, but the BOSE ones definitely cut down on ambient noise and muffle a good deal of distracting sounds That being said, they will never cut out fully screaming children and other travel facts of life. You’d need to be deaf, unfort, for that to happen! LLGxx


Susieq772 beat me to the question, have you tried these? They are sleek and attractive, for sure, but I haven’t seen many reviews that say they are actually worth the price for how they sound.


@Anne At Large: Well, this *is* the Objects of Desire column, which I run intermittently, and has covered everything from vintage frocks to fountain pens, and serves to highlight things I think are desirable – as opposed to a review post. That being said, I can point you to CNET here:



@LLG: Whoops, silly me. Yes, they are pretty and shiny then 😉


These particular Beats look the business. I’ve tried all of them, including the new, folding Monster active noise reduction ones, and for me the Bose are still the best. Mind you, it’s definitely a matter of audio taste, as I find the Beats and Monster headphones are engineered with too much bass for me. The Bose provide a better rounded sound and slightly better noise reduction, plus I find I can sleep with them on. But if you like your bass heavy and full, then Beats are awesome. One final thing: Bose have a 0% interest payment plan in the US for all their products – not sure about the UK.


I would suggest these Bowers and Wilkins headphones as an alternative.
They are small, discreet and definitely more feminine than the Bose.

They have noise cancelling technology and the cord they are made with never gets tangled when you place them in your bag or pocket… I have been using them for around a year now and plan to keep them in my possession for a very long time.


Beats is the best!

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