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I was thrilled to be asked by Time Out London Associate Shopping & Style editor – and blogger – Maggie Westhead (nee Davis) to compile a short guide to my kind of shopping in London, which is in the issue out today in London. (In case you missed the announcement, as of the end of September, Time Out London is now a free publication, with a massive print run of 300 000+.)

There wasn’t room to fit everything I wrote (You can read the piece at TimeOut London here), so I thought I’d publish only the parts that were edited out because of space in the mag here on LLG – scroll to the end. (The dots mean the rest of the answer was printed)

Mercy Delta scarf & Dachshund

I’m also highly pleased that the photo – taken by my talented sister Holly – is one where P Bad makes an appearance.  (Photo taken from this blog post here.) I’ve had a few queries about my scarf and my boots in the photo, so the credits are:

I’m wearing:
Mercy Delta Spirit scarf in Denim (pony print) (c/o)
Topshop Moto Leigh skinnies in navy
Ash Jessbis ankle boots (I wrote about them here)
Vintage 1980s Coach navy mini handbag, worn crossbody (& stolen from my mama)
Barbour International jacket (c/o)
Gucci sunglasses (also liberated from the maternal closet)

Mercy Delta scarves are available from Matches, ASOS, Flannels online, and Harvey Nichols, Selfridges & various independents.

The unprinted part of the interview:

What do you spend all your cash on? (like your biggest extravagances)? …(For sending flowers I love Rebel Rebel in the East, and Scarlet & Violet in the West.)

Also: as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to really look after all my clothes & shoes so they last longer. I’ve been using Top Choice Dry Cleaners on Fleet Road, NW3 for twelve years, and they have never missed a beat. Plus they are properly lovely people. I get my shoes cossetted – rubber soles on everything before I wear them, and then fixed when I wear them out at KG Repairs on Eversholt Street. (Or at Mario’s on Talbot Rd if I am over that way.)

What do you scrimp on?…I’m a very careful and considered clothes shopper. I think hard about everything I buy, after one too many sample sale rushes to the head in my 20s. I need to really, really love something these days.

Of all the places you’ve been, where has shopping been the best? Having expected great things from both Marrakech and Rio when I visited this year for work, I actually bought very little in either city. Conversely I had low expectations of Bali beyond traditional furniture, and found some wonderful interiors stores in Seminyak.

What is the piece of clothing that you have had the most wear out of? There are four things I wear constantly: an Erdem print silk dress which is beautifully cut, very forgiving and can go anywhere from lunch to a party, a green Edun cotton parka that goes everything form a party frock to jeans, a huge Chinti & Parker navy cable knit sweater that I wear almost everyday, and a pair of stupidly sexy black Nicholas Kirkwood needle stilettos that on cost per wear paid out months ago.

If you could supermarket sweep any designer or store in the world, which would it be?…. If I had to pick a designer it would be Valentino. I sat at their couture show in Paris back in July drooling. (Not that my life requires floor length ballgowns, but I can dream…)

Where do you hunt for bargains? ….I do have a fairly major TKMaxx habit: not for clothes, but for kitchen equipment: I got a fearsomely sharp sushi knife, a mandolin and a copper saucepan for £50 all in last time I visited.

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Loved this 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Will take note of flower shops as always handy


Thanks for sharing, Sasha. I’ll keep the cobblers in mind. I’ve had a hard time finding a good one but the best I’ve used so far is based miles away from me.


LLG, you are writing a food and entertaining book?! I am so excited.


Nice. Saw a vintage Coach bag like that on an Etsy site where I was searching out vintage kitchen equipment. Etsy is my new obsession.


this is brilliant! do you know any good cobblers near the dry cleaner you recommended (i.e. up south end green/gospel oak way). have already scuffed the leather heel of my brand new winter boots and am in mourning.. xx


C’est formidable!


LLG, need a recommendation – which brand of knives do you use/recommend? I too keep popping into TK Maxx but am unsure on which brands are worth the money.
Great article in Time Out, well done!


Thanks so much I’m moving on Friday and am in want of a new dry cleaner, although the one on Fortess Road is fab x

The Louboutin concession in Selfridges told me that they use KG for their repairs and that was a good enough recommendation for me. They are excellent but it’s bloody annoying that they don’t take credit cards x


OMG I too love TK Maxx for homeware!! Amazing pans, baking utensils, candles, decorations.. totally Brill!!


OMG I too love TK Maxx for homeware… so many bargains! Especially baking utensils, candles, decorating!

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