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I’m obsessed by blow dries. As I get older, it’s harder and harder to control my hair, which needs product and a hairdryer to achidve the gloss and bounce that I achieved in my Twenties by simply letting it air dry.

Mostly now I do my hair myself, figuring I know its quirks – and I can achieve a passable result from sopping wet to dry and bouncy in under fifteen minutes. But once in a while I hanker after a proper old school blow dry.

I’ve yet to find anywhere in London that can do a proper New York blow out. (Generally I get given what I think of session hair – that is, slightly mussed up hair that looks great in pictures, takes over an hour to achieve with all sorts of froofing and delicate curling, and which is poker straight within half an hour of leaving the salon. I can do better myself, it’s a total waste of time, and it drives me potty.)

But I do like what they do at The Aveda Institute on High Holborn, on the edge of Covent Garden. Whilst it’s not a slick, bullet proof New York style do, it always looks great and, when I brush it out later, it remains thick and glossy. I also highly approve of the pre-wash head massage, and hair wash which involves delicious smelling products and yet more head massage.

On Tuesday I took advantage of their 45min early morning breakfast blowout service (they open at 8am), & this time Yoko did my blow dry (above) as I was speaking at an event in the evening, and I didn’t want to worry about my hair. I thought she did an excellent job. And I like that breakfast from the adjoining LPQ (coffee/tea and a croissant/granola) is included in the Breakfast Blowout. (£30)


LLG was a guest of Aveda.

174 High Holborn, Covent Garden, London. WC1V 7AA

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Gosh, that’s a really useful thing to know. And amazing value – do they wash your hair for that too or just damp it down with a spray?


Nice idea with the breakfast.
I’d like to know how does it work : do Aveda (the hotels, the restaurants, etc.) contact you and invite for a free session, so you acn write about them? Or do you contact them ?


I know what you mean with being more obsessed with your hair as you get older. I’ve got a few years on you, but my obsession started some years ago. Blow dries are such a lovely luxury and make you instantly feel better. I love Aveda products too, so I might try the salon in Holborn.

Great looking hair!



That looks amazing! And a reasonable price – especially with breakfast thrown in! 🙂


I agree. Great value. A few weeks back I went to the blow dry bar in Top Shop on Oxford st. and I have to say even though they did an okay job and I believed they are not that expensive, my hair was gone pretty fast and didn’t even have the benefit of a lovely Lpq breakfast. 🙂



We just got this NYC shop here in DC. I love it! Some entrepreneur in London needs to get on it and open one for y’all! They do blow drys and nothings else.



Wow, your hair looks gorgeous!

Sounds like a great way to start the day. I need to organise a ‘meeting’ in Covent Garden… 🙂



If you are ever in LA, you have to try Dry Bar. They have a few locations around town. That is all they do – wash and blow dry, perfect for an evening out, especially for straight hair and styling challenged girls like me.
I found your site by readaing MC UK and I really love it!


I think I might be in a minority but that’s okay, I’m going to put my hand up and confess that blow dries make me want to weep. They take forever with my hair: all that splitting into sections, pinning it up, the dryer too hot near the roots. And my instinct when it’s over, is to tip my head down and shake it into the semi-wildness they’ve promised but rarely deliver.
My hair looks it’s best if it’s washed, and is post bath warm and a tiny bit damp when I’ve gone to bed and I wake up with the most spectacular bedhead and to be honest, am pretty much good to go ; )
It does sometimes encounter a hairbrush. I do sometimes like it sleek.

Where I am with you though, Sasha, is a nice head massage at the salon, I thoroughly approve of those!


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