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by Sasha Wilkins on October 1, 2012 · 15 comments

Pouches AW12

I’ve been all but given up on handbags since New Year, when I bought that orange bag (6, above) in Marrakech. As I browsed through the excellent pieces in Place Vendome, Gueliz’s most famous leather goods store, I was really taken with the idea of downsizing all the junk which I carry around on a daily basis, and using pouches instead.

Two came home with me and I have used them pretty much consistently, to the point where the orange one is looking knackered now – although it survived long enough for me to carry it in this shoot for Easy Living.

I like too how you can also just slip them into a bigger bag if necessary, which tends to stop me leaving my purse and credit cards behind when I swap bags. Also: colour & pattern is a big draw. I’m a bit fed up with being an all-black clad person.

It’s funny how you can just pick up on a trend without thinking about it at all, months before it hits critical mass: at London Fashion Week last month, everyone seemed to be carrying downsized clutches and pouches. I realised I had amassed quite a collection, so here are my current favourites. (I’m afraid three of the above I bought abroad, which isn’t too helpful.)

My absolute favourite now that I’ve battered the orange one, is the faux reptile one I bought in Rio in July. As with the two Place Vendome ones, I suspect it’s really a washbag, as it has a waterproof lining, but that’s all to the good, given my propensity for not putting the caps back on fountain pens properly, or losing lipstick caps.

The Baukjen pouch from this season is also a multi-tasker: it’s gently padded so you can slip a tablet in there too. Clever.

1) Clare Vivier Cobalt Blue Clutch from Shopbop (Press day gift from a few seasons back. Blue sold out)
2) Russell & Bromley scarlet Palermo zipped purse (Press day gift)
3) Lenny Niemeyer textured faux reptile pouch (bought in Rio for approx £30 in the July sale)
4) Baukjen AW12 Stingray clutch £109
5) Stine Riis for H&M Grey Wool Pouch (gift)
6) Orange leather zipped bag from Place Vendome, Marrakech for approx. £25
7) Purple leather zipped bag from Place Vendome, Marrakech for approx. £25

*winner of the H&M Design Award 2012

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