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I wrote on Friday about the joy of writing letters, and today’s post is in honour of the parcel. Not the ones that arrive via online retailers with that misguided 2am can’t-sleep fashion purchase, but the parcels that come from friends, with love.

I met Nicola in Switzerland at the beginning of the year, when she hosted the baby shower to end all baby showers. I buzzed around all afternoon, trying to take photographs of the amazing-ness without being too obtrusive, and without really explaining much about my site, bar checking that it would be okay to publish. (Because I always check first.)

It was afterwards that I discovered that N had a blog of her own, and we got talking about blogging, and other social media things and I advised and some such stuff. She also contributed this guest blog to LLG. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the darling girl sent me a thank you parcel in the post, all the way from Lausanne.

Imagine my pleasure when I picked up a large brown parcel from the Sorting Office, and opened it to discover a wealth of beautifully wrapped parcels.


Nicola had hunted down a pair of perfect matching vintage tea cups, saucers & plates for me, and they arrived in immaculate condition all the way from Switzerland – twice in fact, because the sodding mail managed to not deliver it the first time.

I was – and am – so enormously touched and thrilled by such a thoughtful gift. Wholly unnecessary, but no less loved and appreciated for all that.

Thank you lovely girl.

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What a LOVELY package. Ah!


You’re very welcome lovely lady!

And I’m exceedingly glad that you like them.
I’ve been experiencing qualms that they’d arrive at your abode resembling a DIY mosaic kit for weeks! Or that they may have commenced their trip back to Switzerland for the second time.

Thank you again for all your help.


This is why I told you (ages ago now) that you are super girly! This tea-set suits you down to the ground– it’s beautiful and delicate and unique, and it’s loaded now with sentimental value, like almost all of the things from your home that you’ve posted. (Btw, I would not normally think of myself as a girly girl either, but I guess it must take one to know one!)


Wow, what a beautiful tea cup set!
She must be simply the best present buyer.


how LOVELY. I miss letters, I just saw Liberal Arts at the cinema and the sequence with the letters is the best part. Likewise wrapping up parcels to send is possibly as much fun as receiving them

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