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So: that party I was involved with during London Fashion Week? It was a cocktail & dinner party to celebrate US online retailer Shopbop’s international expansion. That’s me above in *my* bedroom at the party. (Read on…_


Given the jaw dropping party location – two private penthouse apartments over an entire floor of the NEO Bankside building just by Tate Modern, and its run of beautiful bedrooms,  Shopbop enlisted the help of four fashion bloggers to dress the rooms for the evening: Susie from Style Bubble, (me)Liberty London Girl,  Navaz from Disneyrollergirl and Sara Brajovic.


The general idea was that, enthused by the location, we would pick a bedroom each, order a bunch of clothes from Shopbop that reflected our personal taste, and style up our rooms accordingly, along with props  and accessories. Essentially: the world of four different Shopbop girls…

I laughed quite a lot when Zoe, the Shopbop PR, told me that when they were unpacking the Shopbop clothes orders they barely needed to consult the order list as it was so obvious which blogger had picked which pieces…we really do all have completely different styles.

Here’s my room:

Shopbop At Home - Party

Hello completely over the top but rather spectacular Brian Atwood heels:


And mmmm, bronze Rag & Bone jacket you really *should* be mine…


Here I am trying not to topple over in said Atwoods. They were phenomenally high.

Sasha Wilkins for Shopbop

So to the party itself: lots of lovely drinks –  Fiol Prosecco and cocktails by Hix London’s clever cocktail man Nick Strangeway, which included the Shopbop ’till You Drop (Absolut vodka, lime juice, gomme, mint tea and apple juice) and Shopbop Bebop (Absolut, lemon juice, gomme, raspberry puree, Earl Grey tea and soda). Utterly delicious altho not enormously conducive to attending fashion shows at 9am the next morning.

2012-09-15 21.54.34

It really was an enormously fun evening: lots of my friends came along, there were designers and party people, and artists and musicians, and DJs Alice Alice Dellal, Valentine Fillol-Cordier and Tennessee Thomas played.

2012-09-15 21.55.54

And here’s a little film Shopbop made as we were getting our rooms ready for the party. (I’m in the first bit.) If you are reading this on the Daily LLG Email, you’ll need to click through to the site to watch.

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OK LLG this is the best thing ever!!! Love the view love the room love the shoes and the hair is fabulous! x


You look stunning 🙂



Your legs look fabulous in those shoes!


Love Shopbop. At this very minute I have an Elizabeth and James shift and Tucker long dress sitting in checkout on their site. V. cool they’re going international.


I don’t want to sound creepy, but you have fabulous legs, I am very jealous!
The Rag & Bone jacket is absolutely divine, the colour is just so beautifully rich and luxurious looking.


Oh that looks so much fun, lucky you!
Those apartments are amazing, I’d love to have a nose around one.
I really like shopbop, they’re so efficient considering they are in the US. I got some rag and bone shorts from them and they turned up within 48 hours. I was gobsmacked!

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