Anthropologie jewellery tree

I am not supposed to be buying anything right now, both for fiscal reasons and because my living space is gradually disappearing under a mountain of  stuff. But when I saw this glorious jewellery stand in Living Etc magazine this month, it occurred to me that it was a perfect solution for the boxes of costume jewellery that currently take up valuable drawer space in my dressing table.

I like too that it is not plainly utilitarian: most of my storage comes from Muji, and I am starting to think that there is a limit to the amount of perspex a girl should have in her home.

I also thought that is might make a lovely wishing tree for a wedding (where people write wishes down, and then tie them on branches), or even a tiny Christmas tree later on in the years, with little baubles and candy hanging from the branches.

Whatever: I want.

Anthropologie jewellery tree £78.00
(And in the US $98 here)

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This is delightful, Sasha; I too am lusting after this although I am not sure how I missed it what with being a Living subscriber and all? C’est la vie; you have opened my eyes to it and I have a serious case of ‘the wants’.
I love your suggestions of other way to make use for this; it would also be great at Easter time, IMHO, as lots of people now do ‘Easter Trees’ as centre pieces for their tables.


it is very lovely. I also love how you’ve given it alternative use ideas too! Almost like you’re talking yourself into buying it, becuase it’s going to be useful in so many ways!!!


LOVE the necklace


But this is a practical object, you are allowed to buy it if its has a practical use!


This is gorgeous! However, I am all about boxes and drawers when it comes to storage. As lovely as this is my mountain of jewellery would end up on here and then get all tangled and/or I would knock it over on a regular basis. I may have to buy it for someone that is less clumsy than I am.



The prettiest one I’ve seen – and great to have the US link to purchase too – just ordered one online to send to my sister-in-law in Colorado! Thanks so much


Oh my gosh, that is just lovely.
I’ve often seen these sort of displays in jewellery shops and they always seem to make me want to buy them all!

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