The White Company Blanc

I’ve not really given much thought to The White Company’s fragrance lines: I’ve been given their scented candles a few times as gifts, but they’ve never been something I’ve considered buying for myself, but when I was sent their new range Blanc- White Geranium & Juniper I had a bit of a Damascene moment: it smells deliciously floral, and reassuringly expensive. (None of that lingering loo cleaner tang that High Street fragrances often have.)

The bath oil left a pleasant moisturising sheen on my skin, without being greasy, and the scent was delicate enough not to fight with my own eau de toilette. I also do like that it comes in a glass bottle, so it looks chic in my bathroom. (I’ve never understood why Jo Malone doesn’t use glass bottles for the price point.)

In short: lovely for presents and lovelier for self-gifting.

Blanc Bath Oil £28.00
Blanc  Candle £16.00
Blanc Eau de Toilette £30.00


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Hi do you have The White Company empty bottles? I really like the look of these for my bathroom.

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