Over the past five seasons since I came back to London to cover the collections from New York, I’ve never had a spare moment to do anything other than attend the shows. Weeing, eating, drinking rarely got fitted in, let alone visiting the Exhibition, or doing any of the other things that happen on the periphery of Fashion Week, because I had maybe fifteen fashion presentations, runway shows, and events to cover each day. But this season I am not Tweeting for Mercedes, so there’s no need for me to go to absolutely everything.

That being said there is a reason why the LLG schedule has been saved under ‘Schedule of Doom’, but it’s totally do-able. Outside of your normal show attendance for Tweeting, Instagram & blog purposes, I’m reviewing live for SHOWstudio, doing bits and pieces for BBC News on radio & on TV as a pundit, and co-hosting/curating a room at a phenomenal party in a glass & chrome penthouse tomorrow night for US-based, and now international, on-line retailer, Shopbop.


Today I just dipped my toes in to the shows, as I had a studio commitment for BBCTV World over at the Millbank studios in Westminster (Millbank because not enough time to get to TV Centre and back between some key shows). So I decided to spend half an hour getting my face on at the on-site MAC studio at Somerset House, the main BFC venue for LFW.


Not once in five seasons have I availed myself of this service but, knowing that the makeup provision at Millbank is a creme puff whisked over the nose at best, and nothing at worst, I thought: sod it, I have been wholly fed up with watching myself on the telly over the past ten years or so and wincing with horror at my flushed face and squinty eyes.

So thank you lovely Sarah H & the MAC pro team for making me look a hell of a lot better on the telly than is normal and for, I am 100% sure, being the reason a man actually stopped his van on Pont Street outside Emilia Wickstead’s show to tell me I was ‘smashing, love, just smashing’.




Sasha Wilkins

Bottom photo: by the lovely Donna Ida at the Sass & Bide show on Friday evening.
Gap jacket, Isabel Marant dress, Lenny Niemeyer pouch (bought in Rio), Zara sandals.

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aaaw, you are smashing love! and you wear that coral lipstick better than anyone.


Yes, you do look smashing and I love your whole outfit. Is the jacket still available from Gap?


I love your hair. x


You look 21 in that last photo!


I love that mac girl’s hairstyle, wish I could get my fringe to look like that.

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