Getting around London is a pig at the best of times. Driving oneself is fearfully expensive, buses are slow and biking (for me, anyway) is subject to the vagaries of the British weather. If there’s even a likelihood of rain, my bicycle is staying firmly padlocked. That pretty much leaves minicabs and black cabs. Minicabs are, frankly, a non-starter. They never seem to know where they are going, relying on GPS, which usually points them to arterial routes, meaning interminable finger tapping minutes stuck in traffic.

So that’s a black cab for me then. Thing is, my office is on a busy route in Camden, known for its snarled up traffic, thanks to an imbecilic new traffic system introduced by the loons at Camden Council. That means orange light flashing cabbies sensibly go elsewhere to look for custom.

That’s why I am a huge fan of the new breed of taxi apps that allow you to call a black cab using their GPS systems, meaning a cabbie can choose to take your booking if they are in the vicinity, and then you can see their little cab icon busily bleeping its way across your smartphone screen as it arrives at your address. And what’s more it is completely free. Yup, FREE to call.

So I’m thrilled to announce that LLG at LFW for SS13 is in partnership with Get Taxi UK, who will be whisking me on time, relaxed & happy to all the fashion shows and events around London this season. I started using the app yesterday on a series of trial runs: I would have ditched the whole thing if I couldn’t recommend it, but I am pleased to report that I happily hopped around town yesterday from Camden to Somerset House, from Emilia Wickstead’s show in Belgravia to Sass & Bide’s at the Royal Agricultural Halls and elsewhere with absolutely no glitches whatsoever. I even had the same cabbie twice at different ends of town.


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There is the tube and TFL have an excellent journey planner covering all public transport options.



I think that is an unnecessarily snarky comment. I can see that LLG didn’t spell it out clearly in this post but I would have thought it obvious from the hectic schedule she describes on the blog that she needs transport that gets her door to door as quickly as possible and the tube, great as it is, doesn’t often do that (as was/is the case with the journeys she describes above). I also know first hand that she does use the tube when it is an option.


@‘Lil Sis: I’m so sorry if you found my comment ‘snarky’ as that wasn’t my intention at all. I simply wanted to supplement the information in this blog post for any readers unfamiliar with London – that there are good public transport options. I don’t think there was any tone in my comment, but maybe I’m wrong. I’m a long-term fan and reader of Liberty London Girl.


Now THAT is a useful app


LLG, I personally used to be a big fan you your blog because you are not a commercial blogger. Now, I see that you are promoting GetTaxi using the messages they instruct you to send. Quite disappoiting to see you doing this.

I find it a bit unfair, at Wheely, a minicab booking app, our drivers actually professionals and do know their way around the city. Plus there are no charges for being stuck in traffic, unlike GetTaxi’s black cabs.

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