It has been SOME week. Trying to keep up with work and stopping my flat disappearing under a pile of laundry, boxes and recycling, whilst trying not to snooze every time I pass my sofa, has been a challenge.

There have been dogs in my kitchen. There has also been a dog that went to sleep at the end of my bed, and woke up here. How does that happen, please?


There have been a lot of meetings, and a few minutes in the sun outside Dean Street Townhouse.

Dean street townhouse

I had lunch with Baby Tate at Zara in South End Green, Hampstead. Oh, and her mother Ayla came along too.


As my friend Alex said when he saw Baby Tate’s photo on Instagram: “Omggggg. And that’s normally reserved for Balenciaga and dogs in teacups.

There was a beautiful new bag just in time for London Fashion Week, courtesy of Russell & Bromley:

Russell & Bromley cobalt tote

and some Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek sandals

I got sent flowers from Scarlet & Violet.

Scarlet & Violet

I took lil’sis to ExCel for the Paralympics sessions. We caught a Wheelchair Fencing match, and were lucky enough to catch Team GB vs Iran in the quarterfinals of the Sitting Volleyball. To show her gratitude, Lil’sis ran over my feet with her borrowed Mobility scooter.

paralympic teamgb sitting volleyball

I’m playing with this. Truly it was love at first sight:


I ate ALL the mozzarella that Clare bought me back from Naples:

mozzarella tomato spaghetti

And got inspired by Diana Henry’s new book:

Diana Henry Salt Smoke

I got my roots re-blonded  at Jo Hansford in honour of Fashion’s Night Out.

sasha wilkins

And customised a Coach Legacy Duffle for the Fashion’s Night Out party that I co-hosted at the Bond Street store.

Coach legacy duffle

And, if it wasn’t for Nespresso shots & M&S shortbread petticoat tails, I would have never got through this week:


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LOVE the pic of your dog in bed. Made me smile. Great posts this week – all very readable & enjoyable as usual. Have a great weekend x


So many lively things in one week! I go completely potty about babies and sleeping dogs but those hand bags. I used to get my Coach fix in NYC and can’t wait to visit the London store, but good old R&B have produced a beauty too. Great pictures!
Helena xx


I love Diana Henry’s books, have got Salt…and also find it inspirational.


Congratulations on your Guardian Weekend piece.


Your dogs are so cute 🙂


Gorgeous photos, especially of your little dog in the covers! Can I ask what breed he/she is? Also I love receiving flowers xx


Ahh the wonders of M&S shortbread. The Russell and Bromley bag is lovely too – I’m guessing it fits everything including the kitchen sink.


I love that photo of BPad so much! It makes me want to climb back into bed and get snuggly x


I love what you did to that Coach Legacy, v nice indeed! I am rather happy that Coach are now over here in the UK, and am currently deciding whether it’s a good idea to get a new bag….!

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