John Frieda Full Repair

Generally I’m pretty lucky: I have stick straight, shiny, natural blonde hair. Hmm. I’ve just read that back & it’s sounds pretty smug. Don’t hate me. (Be reassured that my eczema & Rosacea balance it all out.) But I torture my poor hair with scalding curling irons, & blast it with my super duper BaByliss dryer. That means the ends of my hair have a proper case of the frizzes & unless they get some serious conditioning action they tangle, split & fluff. But what I don’t want is a solution that includes gallon of silicone giving me floppy hair with added flyaways.

So enter John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. It promises that with the help of Inca Inchi, a lightweight micro-oil rich in omega-3, it will repair the look and feel of overworked hair whilst adding body. It also lured me in with the added promise that it would  “smoothe and detangle hair, reducing the risk of breaking and snagging while combing or brushing.”

Well, unlike a lot of shampoos & conditioners I’ve used recently it did – and does – exactly what it said on the tin. There’s not much more I can add.

Basically: it’s ace. *flicks glossy hair, pouts*

John Frieda Full Repair™ Full Body Shampoo 250ml £5.89
John Frieda Full Repair™ Full Body Conditioner 250ml £5.89

Disclosure: I was a speaker at Kao Brands global marketing conference in Miami back in November 2011. Kao Brands are the parent company of John Frieda.

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These just landed in my hands (TIFF gift lounges). I’ve got curly hair, I hope they do the same.


I LOVE your beauty tips. I just used this shampoo and conditioner and its really great. I have also been bothering everyone I know on holiday in France to bring me back Bioderma Creàline TS H2O Solution Micellaire…and have just finished the Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care Shampoo you recommended, which was also brilliant. I never usually pay much attention to beauty tips, but you are spot on every time. Thanks XX

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