Today’s excellent nail polish is Christian Dior’s Vernis’ Nail Lacquer in Lucky 659. It’s been on for ten days and not a chip to be seen.  Still absolutely immaculate. I posted a photo on Twitter last night of my feet – long story – and the response wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. Instead of asking about my shoes, most people just wanted to know the colour or brand of my nail polish. So here it is. I took the photo on Monday night at Ashdown Park Hotel, whilst I was wearing my beloved Nicholas Kirkwood party shoes.

Christian Dior Nail Polish

I pretty much only wear pinks or coral in the summer, as it’s the only time my feet aren’t morgue-white… Still, I’m really impressed with the quality, as my nails look as good as new, and last time after two and a half weeks they remained chip-free.

Update here: Available here

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OMG Nice nail polish ..

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