Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

This is the biggest launch this year from Estee Lauder’s Jo Malone lifestyle brand: their new fragrance Blackberry & Bay Cologne. I missed the press breakfast for it a few months back because I was out of the country as per, so I had presumed it would have sweet, fruity top notes, with a dry note underneath from the bay. And, here’s the surprise: it’s not like that at ALL.

It’s not berry fruity in an old school Body Shop kind of way. What you actually get is a strong top note of diluted grapefruit, with some jasmine & lily of valley faintly floating about mid-note, and a base of cedar-warmth. I’ve found it addictive: perfect for late summer, when you want a refreshing scent that’s not too complex but still is more than a one note citrus wonder. I’ve been moving around with a cloud of it about me. Delicious.

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne 30ml purse spray RRP£38/EUR46.

Launches September 2012.

Photo: LLG

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I have lost my sense of smell, this description sounds wonderful and just my sort of fragrance. Plus when to wear it is a great help. Thanks


I got a sample via Jo Malone’s FB page and completely agree – it is another winner (I am a big fan of JM).


Hey there! I got a sample of this and I think it smells heavenly! love it!

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