I have been a magazine junkie for as long as I can remember. Whether it was leafing through my mother’s Vogues,  or buying The Face as a teenager, I grew up loving the medium.

I don’t have as much time as I used to for standing in shops, flicking through mags, and in many cases very few interesting non-mainstream publications are stocked in magazine racks these day. That’s because many of the interesting magazines that used to have national distribution – through COMAG or similar – have folded. And of course, perversely, the internet means that small print run magazines can sell direct without needed to be in stores. But you still need to know that they exist. And that’s where a magazine subscription service like Stack functions so well.

It works by bringing together the world’s best independent magazines, and delivers them via post direct to your door. Over the past year or so I’ve been sent the most extraordinary and interesting collections of magazines by Stack: from cycling to food, children’s to style. I really can’t recommend it enough.

Stack packages
You can either pay yearly or monthly for your Stack deliveries. (You can cancel Stack at any time.) And if you already subscribe to or buy any of the Stack magazines you just let Stack know in advance so they send you something else.  j

UK: £58
EUR: £95
Rest of world: £143

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I’ve always loved magazines. But they pile up so quickly and there is always something I want to save. And then I never have time to go back and tear out the stuff I want to keep. I once finally started a folder and managed to put several pages in it. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, because it was just too messy and disorganized. I would have needed a binder, with sections for different topics…preferably with plastic inserts to protect the pages. Oh yeah, like that was gonna happen.

I was so happy when all my favorite magazines became available online. Plus here was even MORE content worth saving on regular websites. I eventually outgrew the 1,000 bookmarks Yahoo allowed me, and switched browsers so I could have more. Now I have two browsers on my phone, plus the one on my computer AND Read It Later. I have not been able to find a decent way to store online information across platforms – there is a niche I wish someone would fill.

Back to magazines. I still love them, but I won’t buy them. They take up too much room and are too heavy aannnnndd, yes, I long for a paperless world. But I still totally get that feeling of sitting down with a new issue and lovingly turning the pages. Just like with a real book. I’m not buying those anymore either.

I guess the pleasure I find in portability has finally surpassed the pleasure I find in reading from paper pages. But I haven’t forgotten it.


I too was a Face addict in my younger years, loved it and I felt really cool reading it on the tube 🙂 Never knew about Stack Magazines, such a great concept. Being in the magazine distribution business in my time, it’s true it’s such a shame that the big retailers and their space investment demands have made it impossible for small publishers to survive on the news stand. I’m going to give Stack Mags a look. Thanks for sharing x


I bought someone a Stack Mag subscription as a gift and they loved it. The choice of mags is fantastic, I completely recommend it.


Stack are wonderful! I heard about them when I went to a talk called ‘Deadwood: The Future of Magazines’ at the V&A earlier this year. Steve Watson, the founder of Stack, talked about how paper magazines definitely still had a place in a digital world, which was terribly reassuring! Very interesting talk, and a clever concept.

Incidentally, I was lucky enough to see you talk on Twitter and Blogging at Pure London yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an interesting, helpful talk. Lots of food for thought, and such a privilege to hear your thoughts, so thank you! x


What a wonderful idea, I often find myself picking up those strange magazines anyway.
I love oh comely mag, I discovered it a couple months ago and I’m hooked!

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