New Cid Gel Eyeliner

Five years or so ago my brilliant makeup artist friend Anita gave me a pot of MAC gel eyeliner for my birthday. Having worn liquid eyeliner practically every day since my first year at university when Clare taught me how to use it, the little pot of gel eyeliner was revelation.

Essentially it’s a creamy textured goop in a pot which you apply with a thin brush. Depending on the brush you use you can create a thin line or something a lot thicker; you can gently dab it along the lash line, or build up a Cleopatra type swoop. Either way, there’s a lot more control than with a classic liquid eyeliner, and I became an overnight convert. It also helps that it’s generally a softer look that the clean line you get with a liquid and its integral brush, and it’s much less easy to balls it up.

I love the range of colours at MAC, and I also used the Bobbi Brown version for while, but I had the same problem with each: unless you really carefully screw the lid on each time, the gel dries out quickly. Leave it open for just one night and it’s half way to being rendered useless. And even with the lid kept on, I find that eventually the gel dries out.

That’s why I love these New Cid i-Gel Eyeliner pots. They have the most ingenious inbuilt polypropelene covers which keep the gel lovely and moist. They also have a little mirror in the lid, and three colours in each pot, all of which are very flattering. I travel with all three versions,  (giving me nine colours), as they are very lightweight and take up so little space.

New Cid Gel Eyeliner

They also stick like glue once they are dried, and are waterprof so are great for both humid climates and for wearing on the beach etc. (That’s why I’ve started using a proper eye makeup remover as micellar cleansers can’t budge this stuff.)

New Cid Gel Eyeliner New Cid Gel Eyeliner

I know they seem expensive at £21.50 each, but you do get your three colours for the price of one and, although you get less product that you would if you bought a competitor brand’s single colour pot, I have never yet managed to get to the bottom of a pot of single colour gel eyeliner without it drying out, so these are much, much better value. (Oh and they each come with a great eyeliner brush.)

New Cid i-Gel Eyeliner £21.50

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I have a Bobbi Brown gel liner but rarely use it because I do not enjoy cleaning the brush (very messy). Do you have any tricks?


You should also post a photo with you wearing this eyeliner.


Love this brand. Very useful and stays put. Great choice, great post.

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