Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower gel

This week in The LLG Daily Beauty, I am concentrating on the products that you will find in my bathroom day in, day out, that have been tried and tested, and for which I happily fork out my own money. As you can see from this photo, I am half way through yet another bottle of Molton Brown’s Vitalising Vitamin A,B+C Bath and Shower Gel. I got sent my first bottle when it launched when I was on The Wall Street Journal back in 2008, and it’s remained my favourite shower gel ever since.

I’m not a fan of scented shower gels, especially those cheap ones, which always smell of loo cleaner, whatever fragrance they are supposed to be. But there’s something about this faintly orange-y scent that manages to be a delicious smelling floral, with orange oil at its heart, along with petitgrain and neroli. It’s categorically not a harsh, bash-you-in-the-nose citrus; it’s more of a light & fresh scent which doesn’t fight with whatever perfume you choose to wear after.

It’s not cheap but it does smell reassuringly expensive. No whiff of citrus fresh loo cleaner here. I also find that this 300ml/10 flloz bottle lasts for ages. More so if you buy a pump for it (I got mine at the pound shop), or use one of those nylon scrunchy things to lather up. I bought this bottle before Christmas altho, granted, I’ve been testing out other gels simultaneously.

I’m also thrilled to discover that there is a new complementary Eau Fraiche and a Body Hydrating Gel in the range, which I am looking forward to getting my hands on.

Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin Bath and Shower Gel, 300ml £18

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Lovely. That’s my favourite too and I have another bottle lined up for when mine runs out. It was much nicer when they used to give you the pumps for free.


I received a sample of this which I thoroughly enjoyed using. It lasted quite a wee while too. Although a full-size is currently out of my price range due to redundancy and all that jazz.


I have been using Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash….
You might want to try that one out.
Its really really good.
Especially in the morning.
Love this new beauty feature…….


Just purchased 2 from jarrolds in Norwich and got beautiful samples to try, many thanks to the girls at Molton browns


This is the one I’ve chosen at duty free in Heathrow in April this year! I spent ages at the Molton Brown’s counter trying all their gels and finally bought that and couldn’t be happier on returning home and trying it in in my bathroom – it lasts as you’ve mentioned and the scent is oh so nice and refreshing! The bottle is just coming to the end but hey, I will be in London in September so will def buy me one more!


I am big fan of Molton Brown too.
Has anyone tried their new collection yet?
They’re offering 20 sets for trialling:

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