Last week I was staring at the line of blue translucent boxes in my office bookshelves that contain the many beauty products I am sent to trial for LLG, and thinking that there had to be a better way to cover more beauty on the site, without going overboard. (The whole point of LLG is that it roams about all the things in which I am interested, as opposed to just sticking to a particular niche.)

It is also true that a large part of my mailbox is taken up with beauty queries from readers, as is my Twitter from time to time. Given that I have both written & commissioned beauty coverage from my very first magazine job, on Conde Nast Traveller to my last on The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ, I hope that I can be considered to vaguely know what I am talking about…

(I do still keep my hand in: I just gave some of my recommendations to for their British beauty story, along with Nicky Kinnaird of SpaceNK, Steph Powell the Beauty Editor, Kiss and Makeup, and Liz Hambleton, Beauty Director, Grazia UK.)

So, I have decided that I am going to start a new strand on the site called The Daily Beauty, where I pick one product to write about each day that I use myself and wholly recommend. It’s not a place where I will write about beauty news & new products, or give oxygen to launches, because that’s never been the way that I write about beauty on here.

Right from the very first year of LLG (2007), I wrote about the products that I found efficacious, so beauty has always been a part of what I do on here. So,  as always, I will be recommending the products that are, at the moment of writing, in use in my bathroom, makeup bag, or travel case, and which I think do what they say on the tin. I just want to make sure I do more of it: it’s easy for me to get distracted by all the other things I want to write about, so formalising my beauty coverage makes sense. It also means I’ll write more about colour cosmetics.

I am also launching a complementary LLG Beauty Tumblr this week, which will be a place to record all the new beauty products I come across. More news on this later…

Photo: Backstage at Topshop AW12 by LLG

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looking forward to this


This is great news for me. I get bamboozled by all the new products coming to the market so often just stick to the same products. Stlll, I’d like to take advantage of new products. Your daily guidance bulletins will be invaluable.
Helena xx


Really looking forward to this, especially for any recommendations re products that have worked for you and helped with rosacea. Thanks for all your blog posts on everything else!


Yes, very much looking forward to your daily beauty posts!


*Jumps up and down* Yay! Can’t wait to read these 🙂


happy new year, darling girl. i have been away and not been able to read my fave blogs (ie yours) bec of the arrival of my little one – seems i have missed out on so much! i adore this new “column” of yours – shall be an avid reader of it. much love, s

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