Of course my collection of Chanel nail varnish bottles look great all lined up in my bathroom, but it would be a bit pointless if the contents didn’t match up the exterior. I keep my Chanel varnishes because they don’t chip, and have such great colours. Not just the clever seasonal colours, from the genius of Peter Phillips, but the ones you can pick up at any department store.

That being said, I was given this bottle of Distraction from the Chanel Roses Ultimes Collection at the launch of the Chanel Beaute Pop-Up in Covent Garden a few weeks ago. I took it to my pedicure place (Top Nail on Parkway in Camden) and, two weeks later, including lots of flip-flop wearing, a coastal hike in Cornwall, and bowling about on gravel here in France, it’s still immaculate, with not a single chip.

I particularly like this colour, as it looks fine against morgue-pale legs, and even better against tanned ones (now that I have gone to town with the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse.) It’s the perfect cross between a rose and a coral. When I posted the above photo on Instagram I got several queries about the colour, so I know I’m not the only one who has been taken by it this summer.

Chanel Distraction £18

Top: my toes in the water off St Mawes in Cornwall last weekend.

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What a great picture! The Chanel nail varnish lasts forever too, as well as always having the best colour range.
Helena xx


Mmmm, it is a nice colour. I am partial to OPI varnishes. I find they last a very long time. They are usually no more than $9 in the States, but here in the UK about £10.


LOve you nails so cute


Lovely colour! I’ve never tried Chanel nail polish. It’s a bit pricey but I’d like to see if it’s worth it. It sounds like it is if it lasts two weeks without any chipping! Great post.

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That’s funny, I find that Chanel nail polish always chips without fail. Though I am quite a violent typer so perhaps that’s why…

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