Michael van der Ham & Nasir Mahir

One of the absolute joys of my job is getting to talk to some extraordinarily talented people. In Saturday’s case, that meant being in a studio with Michael Van Der Ham & Nasir Mazhar, the morning after the triumphant reveal of their costumes for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony. (Do watch the film  – linked below.)

Although many of you know me as a style blogger and erstwhile fashion editor, I also have a broadcast past, having notched up hundreds of appearances across US, French & American news outlets over the past ten years, as a style commentator. That experience means I get called upon to comment, produce or present coverage on all manner of things, often at very short notice, for outlets as diverse as Good Morning America and the BBC World Service.

Saturday morning was no different: USA Today’s producer asked me on Friday afternoon what they thought they should cover for their Olympics fashion segment that I was booked to front on Saturday. Fortunately I had had a tap on the nose regarding the young London Fashion Week designers whose work was due to appear in the Opening Ceremony, so with the help of Daniel Marks of The Communications Store, we were able to arrange an exclusive interview with Nasir and Michael in the latter’s studio in east London.

They were brilliant interviewees, passionate and committed, and it was great to hear them talk about the process behind being involved in the Opening Ceremony. (Scroll down for the film.)

Sasha Wilkins for USA Today

Here I am filming the introduction outside Michael’s studio.

2012-07-28 12.04.52

And interviewing the guys inside.

Sasha Wilkins & Nasir Mazhir

Here’s the crew shooting some pickups with Michael.

Michael van der Ham in his studio

And here is the film itself

Photos by LLG, Rollo Ross and Alicia Zubikowski

(And, yes, I even managed to get away with wearing my sunglasses on film. The frock is Zara, the bag Desa, and the shoes a bargain buy from Singapore’s Changi Aiport.)

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wow thys amazing

i loved their designs for the openong cermony



loved ‘you just keep your mouth shut’! Ha, really is the only way to keep things quiet I suppose!

Great interview, you look good on camera and ask sensible q’s. It’s about time we saw LLG tv here in the UK!

Loving the Olympics, and I am not a sports fan in any way! Husband was at Wembley on Sunday, said the food/drink was a total shambles. He’s at the stadium on Tuesday, he’s done well for getting tickets!

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