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A Chanel party on Monday night, Karl Lagerfeld at Selfridges to celebrate the launch of the eponymous second collection from his new line on Tuesday – there’s a definite theme going on here in London this week…unfortunately I missed the arrival of the great man, which was treated as the Second Coming. He was over two hours late which is, of course, his prerogative, but a little dismissive of the crews and journalists waiting to interview him.  (Thank goodness I wasn’t one of them.)

Still, he is a fashion god, and it is everyone else’s role to orbit him. The Sun King of the 21st century?

I started off the evening in slightly less manic fashion in  the garden at Home House in Portman Square for Marie Claire’s rather lovely summer party. I had driven in, figuring that the evening before the ORN – the Olympic Road Network – came into existence would be the last time I was hopping in my car for a few weeks. So much for the much-vaunted congestion: I was in a parking space outside HH in 7 minutes from Camden.

Then it was off to Selfridges, just around the corner for Karl Kraziness. There were crowds of gawkers outside the store, and more onlookers lining the roped off section on the third floor where the collection is based. Selfridges will be stocking two lines: KARL MAN + WOMAN and the launch of the premium collection KARL LAGERFELD PARIS MAN, as well as his Team Karl, his Olympic-inspired capsule collection in a pop-up on the third floor in Womenwwear..

What I saw from Team Karl was pretty pared back: monochrome, with splashes of gold, bumfreezer jackets, and a houndstooth motif running through it.

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The best bit was the properly excellent private cocktail party that Monsieur Karl was hosting on the rooftop, one of the best fashion dos I’ve been to in a long, long time, full of people I wanted to see, (which is so often not the case at fashion parties), as well as the usual suspects: Mesdames Menkes, Mower et al. And delicious canapes too. (Asparagus, buffalo mozzarella with roasted tomatoes, caviar in tiny new potatoes.)

I had supper already booked in Clerkenwell at The Modern Pantry with HHW, so had to hoof it pre-arrival of le Roi-Soleil. Supper was worth it tho: a menu jam packed full of seasonal, delicious things to eat, in a Farrow & Ball-ed Georgian building, with all the windows flung open to take advantage of the warm night air. (I highly recommend Anna Hansen’s The Moden Pantry cookbook, equally full of her extraordinary flavour combinations.)

I drove home with the roof down in the dark, relishing one of the few nights we’ll have this summer where the temperature had barely dropped by evening.

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love it and i love your blog you are a amazing writer.



@ha: Thank you! LLGxx


how utterly, utterly fabulous!


@sadie: I have to say, blase as i am, it really was fabulous! LLGxx


If I still lived in London, I may have been one of those foolish, annoyed, but starstruck people to wait for Karl too! Ahh it is funny because we lived at Covent Garden when we were in London and I don’t think I took full advantage of the location (well I did when Jimmy Choo for H&M launched). Ahh and don’t good snacks and friends make any party better?
If I ever bump into you in Singapore or NYC, I’ll have to recommend/bring you to some great spots for snacks too!

Chic ‘n Cheap Living


@Chic ‘n Cheap Living: oh yes, please do! LLGxx

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