One of the downsides of travelling is failing to keep up with what is going on in the outside world. Miss one day of news, and it seems like you can never catch up, such is the relentless nature of the 21st century news cycle. Anyway, this is by way of a preamble to me saying that I failed to read the Sunday papers last weekend, as I was on a flight to Brazil by 0650hrs from Heathrow, and therefore missed a rather pleasing bit of news that concerned me personally.

The Sunday Times, which nearly three and a half years ago put me in their 100 Best Blogs in the World list, has seen fit to cap that by including me, as @LibertyLndnGirl, in their 100 Top Tweeters you should follow list, [warning: paywall content] lauding me for providing ‘insider tips on everything from digital trends to New York nightlife.’

(Would it be churlish of me to say that I do not bake designer cupcakes as cited?)

As I have said before, I refuse wholeheartedly to be blase about such things, I don’t take a moment of my online career for granted, and I am thrilled to be included. Especially amongst a list of Tweeters that ranges from bonkers to brilliant. For example: @profbriancox @stephenfry @neilhimself @wmarybeard @lettersofnote @mashable @Queen_UK @humblebrag @margaretatwood @historyweird @BarackObama

A huge thank you to List compiler Matt Rudd and The Sunday Times for their support.

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Sasha well done! You must be so chuffed, and no less than you deserve.
I don’t follow any of those people (although I might check out Ms Atwood) so you have my undivided attention x

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