When I heard there was a Wedgwood Tea bar at Taste of London, the annual restaurant-taster fest in Regent’s Park, I thought little of it. Wedgwood make teapots and cups & saucers, so it seemed straightforward enough.

But what I hadn’t prepared myself for was the utterly lovely tea salon (constructed by my friends at INCA) inside a canvas marquee, the outside of which was marooned in a puddle of mud. Truly a sanctuary of delightfulness.

Not least because it was brim full with roses, served six different types of carefully chosen & fully provenance-d teas, matched those teas with a Paul A Young chocolate AND had tango dancers doing their thing throughout the day.

It achieved its aim admirably: reminding me – and everyone else – how wonderful, how gloriously beautiful and quintessentially English Wedgwood fine bone china is, and (in me) sparking huge desire for a cupboard filled with a Wedgwood harlequin set. (Where each piece is a different pattern.*)

This utterly delightful Ribbon and Roses cup & saucer (£35) in its box was my invitation to tea. Oh that all invitations that arrived at LLG Mission Control looked like this…


Intaglio Vase £60 I have stirrings of lust towards these vases. As my new friend, Lord Wdgwood, with whom Mrs Trefusis and I took tea, quite rightly said: on their own they are lovely but with the roses they are quite something else altogether.


And then there is the Jasper Conran at Wedgwood Chinoiserie Cup & Saucer, £27.50 & £27.50 each

And this very pretty Harlequin Collection Butterfly Bloom Teacup and Saucer Blue £35

*I first came across a harlequin set at Althorp, the ancestral home of the Spencer family, in my teens, where they have a wonderful dinner service on display in cabinets in a hallway somewhere, and since then have wanted nothing more for my flat than a fabulously mismatched service of my own.

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so, so pretty- i am envious. x s


Wowsers, gorgeous.
Being in the midst of that, would compel even me, to sit up straight and behave like a lady! x


Oh my, look at those cups and roses, so pretty…


Beautiful. So pleased that Wedgewood have got themselves back out of financial difficulties, they’re such an important part of English manufacturing heritage and the things they create are so gorgeous. I had some pieces of Jasper Conran for Wedgewood for a wedding gift and I use them all the time, because it just brings me joy!


How do I love this a hundred times? I’ve wanted the Harlequin collection since it came out, I love the JC chinoiserie set so much.

There is something so properly English summer about Wedgwood isn’t there?

Those vases are lovely. Did you see the Chistmas baubles they did? They were so pretty! I went back to Libs the next day to buy one but they’d sold out almost immediatly. This year perhaps…x




Those vases are gorgeous. Love nothing more than a vase or jam jar brimming over with white or cream roses.


dribbles over shiny pictures of tea cups and saucers


This was my favorite part of the Taste of London 🙂


Lovely. it gives vintagy feel.

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