Isabella Oliver dress

I seem to be doing a lot of photo shoots at the moment, which is stretching both my desire to stay behind the camera, and my wardrobe.

As one reader snarkily pointed out the other day, it is rare to ever see me in anything other than sunglasses in a photo on the blog. That’s for several reasons – everyone looks better in sunglasses, and being a trifle more geriatric in looks AND outlook than your average blogger,  I won’t just hop out of bed and take a dozen iPhone pics to plaster all over my social platforms. I require Polyfilla and a Vaselined lens IMHO.

But clearly I can’t hide behind dark shades on magazine & portrait shoots, so thank goodness for wonderful make up artists, and for finally having the sense to realise that if I either  wear my own clothes, or make sure that we call in samples rather than the magazine, I will feel a thousand times more comfortable, and consequently the photos will look better.

Anyway, this leads me to my current hero dress, the one which, if the sun decided to actually shine, rather than flirting with us in between torrential rainstorms, I would be wearing on every possible occasion. It’s going to be perfect for everything from sitting in the park to going out for dinner.

The reason I am thinking about shoots in conjunction with this frock, is because I wore it for a shoot for Jetsetter last week, along with my current favourite shoes, these cream Nicholas Kirkwoods that I bought in the depths of winter at his sample sale, knowing that they would be the perfect summer shoe.


it’s in the sale.

Isabella Oliver, The Print Shirt Dress Was £129 Now £77.40
It has pockets for conkers and penknives and it also comes with a self-tie waist belt. I’ve ditched the belt as I look like ye olde sack of potatoes with anything tied around my waist, due to the afore-mentioned bust problems, but if you are more slender than me it would look fab belted. And, best of all, for someone like me who lives on a plane, it remains resolutely uncrushable. A flattering, not too expensive, no need to iron dress? A modern miracle.

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Gosh, that is pretty. Your hair is looking especially good as well.


You look fab & you have great legs,I hate my legs so I always admire those with goodens. Yes the majority of style bloggers are very young, at 27 (hardly old) but I do feel like an oldy sometimes. Then again thinking about it, a couple of my favorite style bloggers are 30+, so it all comes down to style at the end of the day, or it should do x


“being a trifle more geriatric in looks AND outlook than your average blogger”

Au contraire, I’ve been thinking how extraordinarily young and innocent you’ve been looking in the photos on this blog so far this “summer.” Don’t take any notice of snark — I know, I know, more easily said than done. But it never ceases to amaze me that people read blogs to slag off bloggers.


love the dress, summer wardrobe essential. and how do you make your hair curl like that? i’d like to do it to mine which is a similar length but have no idea where to start xxx


well, a dress that has pockets for conkers is surely a winner!
Love it, and love it on you. Looks really good.
And agree with Redbookish’s comment completely.

As for being in sunglasses, I have no problem with it and understand it. I rarely show photos of my face because I’m not that keen on it. And any that I do show are edited so much that they only sort of look like me!

I’m an old Blogger & proud. 41 in October. So yes, sunglasses and picmonkey editing are vital!


You are a spring chicken and look fab in that dress which is making its way to my wish list as we speak. Also like you, the old apple shaped figure and voluptuous bust mean I shall also be ditching the belt! If you think you are geriatric, I really need to stop blogging!


Snarky over your love of sunglasses? Those people are bored an unhappy. Imagine what poor Greta Garbo would have endured if she’d been alive during the internet comment phase of world history.


Fab at Any Age ‘ditto’ on all counts:)


Ive been known to lie in bed in a good pair of sunglasses, and heels (and nothing much else ) T.M.I?
I figure if I cant see myself properly my lil Hubby will see me as beautiful/desirable too.
A bit like the principle behind a child hiding its face with its hands, and thinking you wont find them in a game of hide&seek.
D’you see?

You on the other hand have no need to hide as you are obv blessed in the looks dept BTW


Tell the snarky one that you’d invite him/her to stick your large sunnies where the sun don’t shine, only you’re too attached to them to waste them on an arsehole. (I have developed pigmentation on my forehead over the last few years and it’s getting worse and worse. I wear a hat whenever possible AND sunnies, so I look like a faded film star who’s trying to avoid hoards of fans – rather amusing in deepest, remotest Kent xxx)

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