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I can never quite believe it when Mummy LLG & Mummy lil’sis decide to take me away with them. I’m so used to them bloody well swanning off on Mummy LLG’s so-called work trips that my expectation of being allowed to come along is pretty much stuck at zero.

The best that I can expect is being packed off to stay with my cousin Billy the Whippet in the country whilst my Mummies disappear from what seems like days on end. Which is all right, I suppose. I quite like winding up Aunty Aurora by jumping on her head at 5am for breakfast.

Aannnnyway, imagine my surprise when I saw the overnight bags in the hallway AND a bag with my extra smart Purdey lead. Normally for country visits they just pack that crappy lead I chewed through.

And just like that I was sitting on Mummy lil’sis’s lap in pole position as we headed south….

I enjoyed my stay at the Malmaison Oxford (although I was scandalously misled on the subject of bunny rabbits), but that Four Seasons Hampshire is SOMETHING else. They even provided a Labrador puppy called Oliver for me to chase. That’s what I call service with a capital S. (Still can’t work out why everyone seemed so upset – I was just being friendly.)


And the room. Frankly I hadn’t realised that my Mummies lived in such squalor. But now my eyes have been opened.


At the very least I now expect a suite of rooms with windows overlooking parkland vistas, a deep tub for bathtime,

IMG_0594 IMG_0595

IMG_0596 IMG_0600

and…well, let me explain….

As with those nice people at the Malmaison Oxford, the Four Seasons staff and clients recognised that I was the star of the show – as I keep pointing out to the Mummies, I don’t see anyone wanting to stroke their hair.

IMG_0369 IMG_0411

Not only was there a special bed for me, and little snacks from my outfitter of choice, Mungo & Maud, but they had also written me a letter AND personalised my water bottle. Didn’t do that for the Mummies, now did they? HA.

IMG_0407 IMG_0408

And the walkies, oh goodness the walkies. Really, I am pining for that walled garden with all the rabbit holes. Could have stayed for hours. Can’t think why the Mummies got so twitchy. You’d have though they’d have worked out that if all they can see is my bottom and wagging tail poking out a rabbit hole, that I was happily engaged. As if I’d be stupid enough to get myself stuck.

IMG_0555 IMG_0570

I was most po-faced when I was told we were leaving the next day. Mind you I don’t think the Mummies were much happier. I heard Mummy LLG saying it was one of the most wonderful hotels she’d ever stayed in.


All I can say is she’d better bloody well get her book draft into Agent Gordon tout bloody suite so she has some spare cash, as I’m going to be acting up until both of them take me again.


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<em>Posetta Baddog was a guest of the Four Seasons Hampshire for one night

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Ah, thank you, LLG – I am having a Truly Bad Morning, but Posetta Baddog has just brought a little sunshine and laughter to the day. That was a fabulous post, and clearly a fabulous hotel.

Has PB got an agent yet? Or a twitter feed, come to that? Am sure there would be a receptive audience for the thoughts of PB, not to mention a canine-friendly hotel guide..


Oh I love this post, so funny! Really cheered me up this morning 🙂


More posts from Posetta Baddog please.
Our whippet is always the star of the show wherever we go – it’s like stepping out with royalty.



Smidge depressing though, your dog has a more glam life than me !


Does the “P” in PBad now stand for Posh? 😉 Posetta is a great writer and sure knows how to live the good life. Yet she’s so generous she doesn’t forget about dogs who are not as lucky as she is. You and Little Sister must be some proud mummies!


Oh, I am late reading this post but what a corker! V funny. I love it that you call her P Bad. Good work! Made me smile this morning.


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