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This could be the most alluring signpost ever.

And when you discover that it leads to this:


A proper old school English summer holiday beach, with shingle and groynes.


The only drawback was that it was extraordinarily windy. Here’s lil’sis barely staying upright in her Whistles duffle coat.


Of course I was wellie-d up.


And  P Bad, who adores the seaside, was in her element. Can you spot her in the photo below?


But what I really loved was the way in which the fields suddenly hit the sea.


Climping Beach is down a narrow dead end road, just past Bailiffscourt Hotel, where we stayed this past weekend. Although you can drive to the beach, you can also walk down a path through the hotel grounds, which we would have done if the wind hadn’t been so severe.

The morning after I posted this story, my mother telephoned to tell me she had had a little weep over the story. I had absolutely no idea that as a little girl she spent summers  on this beach, as she used to stay at the long-gone Beach Hotel in Littlehampton just along the coast with her grandparents and her two brothers. This is the second time this year I’ve visited somewhere my mother went to as a child. ( The first was the wonderful Nare Hotel in Cornwall.)

I took these photographs on Saturday. It’s hard to comprehend that over the past 24hrs over a million pounds worth of flood damage has been caused in Littlehampton a mile up the beach.

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our seasides are so beautiful.

Horrid about the flooding.



What an amazing place—as you say an “old school summer holiday” beach although looking more like February with the duffel and Wellies. I am dispatching you some of our 95F weather immediately. Cheers!


that signpost is amazing. i want to go THERE!



Hi – I live really near so it’s lovely to hear someone else’s view. Not sure if Climping was affected by the flooding yesterday?! Anyway – it’s beautiful on a sunny day. And Hunters are the iconic best aren’t they? Lou x


I am not too far away from Climping and I adore our beaches here. I live 5 minutes from the beach and feel super lucky (almost said ‘blessed’ there!!) to be so close to such loveliness–even more so when I work near the beach too, blissful!


I used to ride my bike there from my aunt’s house in Arundel, when I was 9 or 10. As a young married, I stayed with my husband at the Bailifscourt. I took a little side trip when my aunt died, and it was unchanged in 45 years. Thank you for these photos. I shall show them to my American grandchildren.

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