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I had quite a lot of time to kill at Changi – I was staying overnight in the Transit Hotel, and my flight wasn’t boarding until around midday. In my experience, I can be given any amount of time and manage to still be late, so I knew I’d have no difficulty in keeping myself occupied. I checked out at 9, and made liberal use of the free Internet terminals, before heading to the rooftop airport swimming pool for twenty minutes of lengths, overlooking the runways.

Showered & changed, I trotted off with my stupidly heavy hand baggage in a little wheelie cart for a leisurely wander through Terminal One on the way to the Airtrain.

Changi is famed for the quality of its shopping, and it’s refreshing that whilst there are plenty of places to drop serious cash – Loewe *drools*, Ferragamo, Chloe et al, there are also lots of interesting shops in which to potter and spend any leftover Singapore dollars: You can buy anything from Chinese dried speciality meats to fountain pens…

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I started off with these wedges from Singapore  shoe store Charles & Keith (above). Not only were they super cheap $S49.99, about £25, but they are really lightweight, so will be perfect for summer travelling. I also picked up a pair of their sunglasses – aviators obsess me, but I’ve never found a pair that don’t emphasise my slightly bony Roman nose, and these were surprisingly flattering. (I buy inexpensive sunglasses wherever I see them, given my habit of scratching/dropping/breaking/losing them.)

I was tempted by the design of some things next door in Australian store Witchery but thought it was shockingly overpriced for the quality, so resisted – I am not paying over £100 for a printed dress that looks like it was imported from China for a couple of quid, or cheap plastic sunglasses that have no heft for £40.

In Watson’s chemist in Terminal 1, I stocked up on my favourite BB cream, which I first discovered in May 2011, an Asia-only miracle cream from La Roche Posay. It’s SPF50 (many BBs are 25 or lower) and does extraordinarily good things to my skin. I’m pleased I forgot to buy it last week at Raffles City, as there was an airport-only deal of two for $69.99, as opposed to nearly $100 in town. (I’ve been buying it on eBay from Taiwan for a lot more.)

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My favourite purchase was this silk fan from a shop selling Singapore & Malay trinkets, Batik dresses, Merlion models and other such dust gatherers in Terminal 3. The fans were in the front display and I made a beeline for them: they are one of my favourite accessories, and these are particularly pretty silk ones. (About £15.)


And my final port of call? The 24hr Food Court upstairs in Terminal 4 for a final Masala Dosa for breakfast before I got on the plane.

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Interested to read your thoughts on Witchery & their quality versus pricing. I was a “Witchery bitch” for a little while and even with the staff discount I found their stuff ridiculously expensive. Friends visiting from the States/Europe/Dubai confirmed this when they were in town.

Sadly, it’s this way for most Australian retailers. No wonder we are turning to online shopping in droves.


Big time ditto on Witchery! Their pricing and quality are out of whack!
Seriously, I ONLY shop online because I can pick up a pair of J Brand jeans for $50 USD ($200 AUD + here, in Sydney), Equipment silk shirts … cheaper makeup, beauty and hair products etc all online. Obviously there are some things that can’t be bought online, but if I can I definitely will. When I was at university I supported myself by working in fashion retail and I’m the ultimate bargain hunter! I find it really hard to pay full price … only on shoes!


pretty shoes! I love airports, well good ones… particularly T5 at Heathrow, though you spend your entire holiday budget before getting off the tarmac- I had a 4 hour delay to go to Scotland recently (which was a tad ridiculous and did make me think the train is always the way to go when an option) however it was at T5 so I had eggs at Plane Food, checked out all the shops and then read my book, which was a great way to start the holiday


I LOVE Charles & Keith, you’ll find those shoes will last you an absolute age, the quality is superb. They’ve opened here in the Middle East now but everything is twice the price it is in SG 🙁


fabulous goodies!


Lovely purchases, airport shopping is the best while waiting 😉




Love me some airport shopage (Looks hungrily at dosa )Really like those wedges too.


Welcome to the extremely overpriced world of Aussie shops!! Witchery isn’t even as bad as some other stores. And people wonder why Aussies go gaga over Zara! That’s why!!!

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