burger king

“Two scrumptious spicy bean patties? Check. Lashings of low fat mayo? Check. Generous helpings of fresh lettuce, tomato and onion? Check. All lovingly encased in a ten inch flour tortilla? Check. And that, as they say, is a wrap. A damn good one.”

Screen shot 2012-05-26 at 21.22.39

Really: there’s barely any need of words here. No mayo, no tomato, a gerbil’s portion of lettuce. Soggy yet hideously dry & flavouless patties. (The scrapings from the bottom of said gerbil’s cage spring to mind.) Groo.

2012-05-28 07.46.02

I should have known better. But I had just got off a 13hr flight from Singapore, I was hungry, and there was a Burger King on the way to the taxi rank. Hoist with my own petard (of greed).


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oh. that is very disappointing.


Erghhh! looks bloody awful!




Oh now that looks grim. I love seeing pictures of actual fast food compared to the promotional shots, it’s so funny.


Urgh. Rank!


Shudder. That looks bladdy awful. The chickpea fritters at Honest are the best veggie burgers I’ve come across yet. Not that that helps when you’re en route from the airport. But still – there’s surely no excuse for that sort of disgustingness?!


suddenly I feel very gerbal-like


Well… At least the Burger King in the UK *tries* to have veggie options? Then again, I haven’t been to an American one in yonks, so perhaps they have an equally nasty equivalent. Oh. Joy.


That seems just gross!




I had a similar experience eating a butter bean pie outside Buckingham Palace yesterday. The catering at the Diamond Jubilee event was was truly awful. Why?

Helena xx

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