IMG_4327 Back in April I ran the behind the scenes photos from the shoot for the May issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine with photographer Jonathan Gregson. Of course, I didn’t want to run the actual images, as the magazine was then on newsstand.

Now that it’s off sale, I am acceding to the many requests from overseas readers for a peek at the photos. I still find it quite odd that recipes I made up in my kitchen, are now in a magazine. Actually, I find it extraordinary. Especially as Sainsbury’s Magazine has 3,296,000 readers per issue, which makes it the UK’s most widely read fully paid-for monthly title. Eeek.


The brief was for a girls lunch in the spring accompanied by a cocktail, so the menu I developed was light, pretty seasonal, and easy to eat if you were shovelling food in your mouth whilst talking nineteen to the dozen. (Which is what it’s like round here when my girlfriends come over, as we always have so much to catch up on.) I also don’t think that food for friends should be overly complicated: one doesn’t want to be faffing around with moulding rings & precise timings when you have talking to do be doing.

We started off with a tangle of soft, olive oil-soaked red peppers with preserved lemons, pine nuts & mint, directly inspired by the trip lil’sis & I took to Marrakech at New Year. I stipulated that it should be served with little bowls of capers, olives & radishes, with pitta to scoop it all up. (Although flatbread would be as good.)


The cocktail was super simple: vodka & limoncello topped up with sparkling water, & garnished with mint. Lethally refreshing – & delicious!


The main course was one of my absolute favourite lunches – buffalo mozzarella served with stewed mushrooms and cannellini beans and lots of fresh herbs, served with rice cooked with sunflower seeds. (The seeds swell up and go all plump when you cook them.)


Pud couldn’t have been simple: lightly poached rhubarb compote with tendrils of orange zest and a big flump of marscapone.


As I mentioned back in April, all the recipes were cooked in the kitchen before being styled by Kate Titford, Sainsbury’s Magazine’s Food Editor, & photographed both during prep and after as still lives by Jonathan Gregson. (Who completely coincidentally photographed my mother cooking for another food magazine back in 2005.)

I wore Erdem, as per, although it turned out to be a SHOCKING dress to be photographed in, so I won’t be making that mistake again. (Hello matronly shelf!)


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What beautiful shots- both you and the food looks stunning. And I am positively smitten with the idea of adding the sunflower seeds into the rice as it cooks.


I’m so annoyed with myself. I normally buy this each month,but last month I picked it but put it back again! argh!
Congrats on what looks like an excellent feature.

Horrid how sometimes dresses do not photo the way you expect. I have a really pretty blue floral frock, and wore it one day when my daughter had her paws on the camera. when looking through the pics I thought ‘who’s that old washer woman in the background’ and realised with utter horror it was me. Urgh. The diet starts here!


I’ve been meaning to make that mushie dish – thanks for the reminder!

Also, I think you look lovely


LLG rocks the nation’s kitchens. You go girl!! MMxx


You looks lovely- your HAIR!!! and the food looks fab too. x


This is the same fave Erdem you’ve worn so many times, isn’t it? Haven’t we seen photos of you in this dress before? I agree, though, that here it isn’t the best (and I think we all have had moments of revelation like this: the unexpected protrustion of the derriere, the muffin top, the waistless waist, in clothes we thought were flattering).

Still, look at how beautiful you face and hair are–that’s what people will notice, not the darn dress. xx


Rhubarb Compote looks delicious. Can you share how to cook the stalks for us US folk without access to the mag!? Would love to make it. xx


All the other pics of you in this (fabulous) dress are full length with the amazing LLG legs giving balance, cut off at the waist gives a slightly different impression – still gorg tho 🙂 Lovely article (we’ve got one coming out in a glossy this month, haven’t seen it yet)


Thank you so much for posting this for those of us not in the UK. The food and you look scrumptious. I was actually drooling reading the food descriptions and have plans to replicate (or try to) over the summer. We belong to a yacht club (the poor relations — no boat, but go for the beautiful pool overlooking the Hudson) and the recipes seem the perfect thing to bring, especially when not in the mood to grill and we’ve invited a gaggle of guests! Your hair is so gorgeous & making me so jealous… 10 years ago mine was almost at my waist, and at its healthiest. I stupidly cut it thinking I needed to simplify with a 2 year old and about to embark on a months journey to the UK just her and I. It never grew back ): I do keep trying though! (Stubborn old bat that I am!)

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