Please don’t hate me right now. For I believe I may be in paradise. Really, it’s hard to argue when you walk into your hotel room, draw back the curtains and see that view.

It’s very, very rare that I ever go anywhere without an agenda, so to have four days here to just loll, write and eat is blissful.

Speaking of eating. Here’s my late lunch yesterday afternoon from Fire, the casual restaurant here: Nasi goreng with tofu. It was delicious, but it’s one of only three Indonesian vegetarian options in the hotel restaurants, so I guess I’ll be eating a lot of it, or hoofing it down the drive into Seminyak to eat. (I just can’t bring myself to eat pizza/salad/pasta in Bali, when the local food is so very, very good.)

2012-05-22 17.17.36

This was the view this morning from breakfast:


I’m keeping up the Mayr good work with lots of exercise: I swam the entire circumference of the swimming pool three times this morning, whilst listening to Desert Island Discs on my waterproof MP3 player. It seemed appropriate somehow. And goodness how much nicer than just doing boring old laps in a pool. The only danger is getting carried away and bumping into a palm tree, but I can live with that.

2012-05-23 11.38.58

And I got wear my new sandals. Zara! £29!


Right off for a massage now…

LLG is a B&B guest at The W Bali, Seminyak, Bali.

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I am seriously jealous but I don’t hate you. Great blog. Can’t wait to see where you go next?


Please dont swim in the sea – its pretty polluted up there.

But you must go to Biku, its a balinese tea lounge – its pretty much opposite the entrance either the W or Potatohead on the main road, so not too much effort…


This is well deserved! Relax, enjoy and have lots of fun xx


Wow! Those are some fabulous snaps! My friend just came back from Bali and said it truly is a paradise! Waiting to see what you get up to there 🙂 x


Oh dear lord, you lucky girl – what heaven!


How wonderful! Enjoy every minute.


Ahhhh this looks heavenly!! Bali is now firmly on my bucket list! x


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