I spent ages trying to work out the logistics for our Cornwall trip. Knowing that we wanted to stay at The Scarlet on the north coast and end up at The Lugger on the south was making things tricky, as we were taking the train from London to Newquay, an hour drive from The Lugger. (Which is just south of Truro)

So in the end after much use of Google maps and train timetables, we decided to take the day train down to Newquay and then hop the sleeper back from Truro, and that I would try to hire a car for the bits in between.  Holiday Autos was reasonably competitive, but the absolute winner was the wonderful Blackbird Car Rental, recommended to me by the PR for The Scarlet.

And oh goodness did they deliver. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you are travelling to Cornwall. Let the train take the strain on the way down, and Blackbird for no extra fee – unheard of these days, regardless of period of hire, will deliver your car to you at the station, or any location in Cornwall at whatever time you choose. (Between the hours of midnight and 6.00am an extremely modest meet and/or collection charge of £10.00 applies (each way))


In the end, we decided to take a cab to The Scarlet, our first port of call as it is only 15minutes from Newquay and get our car delivered to our second, the Beach Retreat at Watergate Bay, as we weren’t planning on going anywhere but walking to the beach for the first three days.

And sure enough, on the dot, our car was delivered with a smile to our self catering cottage on a Sunday lunchtime. Now THAT is what I call service. P Bad was impressed too.


I really liked that the car wasn’t brand, spanking new, as that just makes me extremely nervous. I’d much rather have a car with a few dings and scrapes, especially considering the narrow Cornish roads. They don’t mind dogs, so long as they are well behaved in cars, provide 24/7 RAC Breakdown Cover, Unlimited Mileage and children’s seats if you require them.

We dropped our car off at 10pm at Truro station and even got a helping hand to the platform with our bags!

I thought they were BRILLIANT. 07855238392BB

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I would enthusiastically second your recommendation for Blackbird. They were a life-saver when four Canadians living in London were trying to figure out the logistics of a mini-break in Cornwall slightly off season! (I too appreciated the less-than-perfect car, since we were all a bit nervous about the narrow roads and driving on the left, although I’m happy to report a collision-free stay!)


Will definitely remember them- hoping to get down to Cornwall this summer and take the sleeper, partly because it’s greener but mostly because I love sleeper trains (though my experience is entirely European and I suspect you don’t get espresso and mineral water for free on British trains!). Will need a car when down there and these sound great and also local which I’m a big fan of.

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