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On the way to my hotel from Changi Airport, I passed a shop called Manicurious, just around the corner from Raffles. The sign had a great font, and it looked like a design store. Clearly that was where I was going to be headed to get my toes painted. (I’ve always got my eyes peeled for interesting places when I am travelling.)

Don’t be misled by the front of the shop: the well-curated mix of gifts, jewellery and design bits and bobs leads into a tiny cafe area, and beyond that is a full service nail salon. Although one not much like any I’ve ever seen, with its modernist furniture, custom copper tubed stools, and comfy cushions and luxurious blankets. It’s kind of perfect: if you are with a friend or guy who doesn’t want to indulge, they can browse, drink coffee and read magazines, whilst you get your nails done.

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Don’t head here in a rush; the girls take their time, although the massage was cursory.  If you have feet like hooves, then a Singapore salon probably isn’t the place for you, as they aren’t allowed to use scalpels, and will try to sell you a callous removal treatment for an extra $20 (I have eczema so they burn me so can’t have it) but when I declined, my pedicurist got to grips with a foot file and did an excellent job of making my feet look fab.  I was really impressed with the paint job on both hands & nails, and would highly recommend Manicurious.

The nails were S$28 & my toes were S$38, and I left a $15 tip for both. (That’s £14 & £18 or US$21 & $28. A bargain for a mani/pedi compared to London, but 2.5 times the price I pay in New York.)

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http://manicurious.sg 41 Beach Road, Singapore 189680. Mon – Sat: 11:00 to 21:00hrs

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I’ve passed this nail salon a few times, and thought it looked quirky and worth a go. Thanks for the review 🙂


Great! Thnx for sharing!

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo



I wish I wish mani/pedi was as cheap as you say in NY as in London!! A friend of mine has found a Vietnamese place in East London which she claims does a good mani for a tenner. So I am going to check it out.


I use a Vietnamese place in SE22 which does a really good pedi for about £22 inc. scalpels – hurray. Haven’t used them yet for a manicure but have good things about them from friends.

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