(Breakfast at the hotel)

I’m trying to get my head around the fact that it is Friday already, and I have barely blogged about being here. I *was* doing brilliantly on the avoid jetlag strategy. At the airport on Sunday night I discovered that you can buy over the counter sleeping pills in the UK: Sominex, a powerful anti-histamine. One of those babies on the A380 from LHR to SIN, and I was out like a light for a good eight hours of the 13hr flight, which should have meant that when I arrived here late on Monday (there’s an eight hour ahead time difference to GMT), I should have just gone straight to sleep on Singapore time and slept through. But Muppet girl here forgot to turn off her phone alarm, and consequently awoke and stayed awake from 4am. Groo. It did mean I carried on the Mayr goodness tho, and went to the gym.


I spent Tuesday sucking up facts & live Tweeting from Asia Fashion Summit, but about 4pm had a massive combined hunger/sleep crash, nearly passed out, and hoofed it for snax & a lie down. That night I woke at 130am  – and stayed awake. By the time I had spent Wednesday at Asia Fashion Summit again, done the AFX press conference, attended the Mugler show, and eaten a 6 course meal in some style at the St Regis Nicola Formichetti/Mugler dinner I was on my knees. Euf.

(But the dinner was ace: mainly because of the fabulous company of Sebastien Peigné, Mugler’s womenswear designer, – thank you for giving me your NicoPanda Sebastien *blows kisses*.)

Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 12.56.39

All that frenetic activity meant that I slept fourteen hours that night. Oops. I was only woken on Thursday when the lovely AFX PR rang at 2pm to enquire if I was alive, as I was meant to be speaking on the AFX panel at 4pm. I do wonder how much longer I would have slept…

Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 12.54.11
(Raoul AW12 on the runway at AFX)

So yesterday was the debate, which went well, I think, + Timo Weiland’s show + the Raoul show + the Blueprint opening party at Loof (with Timo DJ-ing) + the Raoul after party at Pangaea. Thank GOD I was hitching a ride with Tallulah H and her lovely agent Alex, who I’ve known for years in London, or I’d have been zombie-walking for sure.

Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 12.53.55
(Timo Weiland DJ-ing)

Anyway, I think I am finally on Singapore time, having woken up this morning at a more usual time, in time to do some media interviews. I’m off to Blueprint, the fashion trade fair now, to scout out some new designers. For supper I’m taking Tallulah & Alex for dinner at the Newton Circus hawker center for some proper Singapore street food in the open air. We’ve all been inside in the air-con way too much, and have the snuffly noses to prove it.

(The view from my room at the Swissotel Stamford.)

(Ze wheels)

(On the way in from the airport)


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love being able to glimpse a slice of your life! Simply love it. Thank you.


I honestly don’t know how you do it! I was tired just reading about your week and although you are staying in a nice hotel and being chauffeured around, I still can’t quite get my head around how you manage to function – and I thought I had had a busy week!


Welcome to SIngapore!
I hope you’re enjoying the food here! Although the weather is too humid!


@Audrey: I am ! I always think the food is the best part of coming here! LLGxx


Sorry to hear that the jetlag has been bad, it is tough going that way. I travelled to Japan last year and spent 4 days in a fog but was in great form by the end of the week, dancing into the small hours and having a blast!


@Sarah: Yes! That’s exactly how I feel! LLGxx


Wow! This sounds exciting. Can’t see your pictures on my Ipad : (


welcome to singapore! i spent the 7 best years of my life studying in london and have been an avid reader of your blog for the later half of it. now that i’ve moved back here i still continue to read your blog which brings me so many happy memories of the UK! hope you enjoy your time here although i must say this is nothing like london (and this is coming from a singaporean!) xxx


@Tamara: Thank you! This must be maybe my tenth trip to Singapore and I love it for its differences. I am always so so happy to return, and always enjoy every minute of it. And thank you for reading: it’s lovely to know that I have readers in Singapore too! LLGxx


What an action-packed trip! I hope you’re having a lovely time. I loved that you shared your trip to the National Museum on Twitter – the cheong sams looked so intriguing.
The last time I was in Singapore in January, I rediscovered Tiong Bahru – the hawker centre is great (thank you, Anthony Bourdain) and BooksActually is a really, really nice book shop (I didn’t think one like that could exist in Singapore). The trips to the area was an odd combination of finding the Singapore of my childhood crossed with discovering an artier neighbourhood in the city.
Wishing you safe travels.


@OT: Thank you for the recs! Always greatly appreciated. I’m going to blog more about the National Museum (thank you for following me on Twitter!),and am off to the Botanical Gardens to check out the orchids today. LLGxx


Jet lag or no, frenetic pace or not, looks and sounds like a kickass week!


What a fabulous trip. I’ve been to Singapore and love it. I think its time to plan a return.

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