This may be the shortest recommendation post ever,but I wanted to draw your attention to this excellent washing stuff from John Smedley, which goes in the washing machine if you so desire. I wash all my cashmere and merino wool on a low temperature (as opposed to dry cleaning), and I found that this left all my sweaters very soft but not as fluffy as they are with my normal clothes detergent.

It also contains cedar (a natural moth and bug repellent) and, lest you think these are very small, very expensive bottles, they are highly concentrated. (And if you are forking out for good quality garments in the first place…)

Excellent stuff.

Cotton Wash, £24, Wool Wash, £24, Stain Bar, £11

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this does sound good! I’m not yet brave enough to do those kinds of fabrics in the machine though I really want to have a go. Currently dealing with moth issues so the cedar scent sounds very good too!

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