Until last week, I had only ever eaten Scamorza cheese, and the smoked version at that, in restaurants, mainly Carluccio’s, if I am honest. I’ve always loved the smoky taste, and unyielding texture, like a rubbery mozzarella, whose close cousin it is, being an Italian cow’s milk cheese. Traditionally, Scamorza is a product of Puglia, but it’s now made (both unsmoked and smoked) across Italy. It also helps that, as I don’t eat bacon, it has that lovely smoky taste, you rarely find in a non-meat diet. And it’s a whole different (non) beast from that faintly repellent processed smoked cheese in the brown cellophane sausages.

Then, when I was prowling around my local Whole Foods in Camden,  hiding in the canned goods aisle from several fashion industry colleagues I really didn’t need to see me in my fetching PJs ‘n’ cardi combo, I caught sight of some Scarmorza in the cheese section and decided to experiment. And blow me down if it doesn’t make the most delicious sandwiches.


I used a Pain de Campagne, spread it liberally with Dijonnaise (I fear it will be some time before I run out of Maille mustard products), and layered up sliced cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and thick slices of Scamorza.

Not exactly rocket science. Not a recipe even. Let’s call it a serving suggestions. But no less scrumptious for all that.


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Mmm, delicious. I love mine with a little olive oil & balsamic!

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serving suggestion or recipe, it’s one I will absolutely have to try. Sounds and looks scrumptious.


I never heard of it, thank you for sharing. Definitely want to try this, sandwich looks great!



Ooh, this looks perfect for lunch in the office too. I need to go off for the trail of the search of Scamorza…


Sounds brilliant.


Im loving “Applewood” cheese at the momment.


There is an incredible Scamorza starter at Osteria Basilico in Notting Hill.


Day 2 of no carbs for me and that sandwich is killing me…. * eats another almond*


Hmm, I don’t think the smokiness would work with tomatoes for me…


I am still waiting for the LLG Cooks (or LLG Serving Suggestion) book.

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