So this is where I have been hanging out for the past week.

The Center for Modern Mayr Medicine is  right on the shores of Lake Worth (Wörthersee). It’s absolutely one of the loveliest lakeside positions you can imagine. In summer it must be heavenly to be able to swim in the lake everyday and even now in May I managed a quick dip (18c brrrr) on Saturday before in flew home from Klagenfurt airport.


Although it’s beautiful there during the day, it’s in early evening that it really comes into its own for me.  As the sun sets over the lake, the sky changes colour by the minutes.



After all that delicious calm, I’m now feeling a little zonko, as I arrived back in London around 9pm on Saturday evening, after popping in in lil’sis in the way home, shoved on a load of washing, unpacked and re packed until 1am, and got up again at 7.

Then it was off to Charles Worthington on Percy Street for a quick chop courtesy of the lovely Sean.  (Amazing that they open at 10am on  a Sunday.) Then a pit stop at Whistles for a dress to wear for my livestream next week.

At 1pm a sleek Audi purred up to my front door and whisked me off to Coworth Park near Ascot for the Audi Polo Challenge, where we had the felicity to see the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry carry off the honours, before the Duchess and the royal puppy, the very bouncy Lupo, arrived for the prize giving.

Then very smart dinner, but no pud, as I hopped back into my chariot and thus to Heathrow for my flight to Singapore….

I will think of this view as I sleep on the plane tonight…




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Such a busy lady!


Wow! Looks blissful 🙂

Somehow being beside the water (lake or ocean) always makes me feel calmer… What a beautiful place for a clinic like this.



And she’s on the move again!

I think we need a board game called “Where’s LLG?”


you are so busy! I love that you take time to share your travels with us, it’s very much appreciated. I love being an armchair traveller courtesy of you!

safe travels to you x


looks absolutely lovely- this is the kind of thing I really *need*


gorgous photos!

the lake is actually called woerthersee 🙂


@lilly: or even Wörthersee, depending on taste! Wrote this on the plane on my tablet before take off – never a good idea to blog in haste! Thank you for pointing this out tho. I hate typos. LLGxx

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