I do like a store with a sense of humour: last year I fell for Harvey Nichols’ ‘Quince William and Skate Middleton’ Royal Wedding mug, and this year they have excelled themselved with the Harvey Nichols Jubilee Lunch Box, complete with six corn flakes cakes made with  Royal Warrant holders Charbonnel et Walker’s dark chocolate. Yum. (A member of the Royal Household recently revealed that the Queen keeps her cereal in Tupperware.)

This box is going to be perfect for all my plane picnics. (I fully intend to keep up with the Mayr regime once I’ve left here: not the spelt and soya bread OBVIOUSLY, but the health aspect of it, and I suspect it’s going to involve me carting my grub around with me.)

Following in the same vein is Harvey Nick’s Not Afternoon Tea, which includes the Queen of Puddings and a Victoria sponge, paired with a complementary cocktail and served with your own Harvey Nichols Jubilee Lunch Box to take home.

Not Afternoon Tea will be served at all Harvey Nichols Cafés and Brasseries, including the OXO Tower and Prism, between 3pm and 5pm priced at £27.50 per head, and is available nationwide from 1 May 2012 until 8 June 2012.  The Harvey Nichols Jubilee Lunch Box priced at £14.95 exclusively in Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets.

The Harvey Nichols Jubilee Lunch Box is available in all Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets and online at from 1 May 2012.



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OMG WANT WANT WANT!!! Do they do mail order? Will unfort not be in UK until after the jubilee wahhh


love it. The only bit of kitsch I’ve bought thus far is a mug with the Queen on it. My husband and little girl find it hilarious, but I love it!


Awww, I love it!

And just want to say that I’m halfway through the Viva Mayr Diet book and am simply enthralled. Fascinating stuff. I don’t think ‘ll be able to follow a whole lot of the diet, but will *definitely* change some habits.

I love reading the science behind those things we’ve always been told. I’ve never met anyone who was a faster eater than I am, in spite of hearing my whole life we should chew our food slowly and thoroughly. But now I know what happens when you don’t (food rotting inside you & Leaky Gut Syndrome), I IMMEDIATELY became a thousand times better at it. Still not perfect, of course, it supposedly takes a few weeks to form the habit. But, man, am I motivated.

Thank you SO much for telling us all about this.


thank you so much for the tip on this. My friend and I have just booked in for a joint birthday afternoon tea at the fifth floor…excited!! Nothing like a free lunch box.

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