I’m always finding fascinating things to read on the internets, so I thought I’d do the odd digest of links and interesting snippets that I have come across

From The New York Times: Social Media Breathes Life Into Shelved Products – How discontinued beauty products are sometimes re-issued after social media campaigns.

“Can you just show a bit more of her eyes, so people can see how beautiful she is?‘ Normally hidden from Western view, Saudi women in Jeddah let down their guard for the Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur. The Daily Telegraph

Jess Cartner-Morley profiles Alice Temperley in The Guardian as she launches her new range Somerset at John Lewis, and quotes, er, me extensively.

And completely coincidentally, the weekend I was in California, Alice chose LLG as her favourite blog in The New York Times

One of my oldest online friends, Suzannah Mars has written a lovely piece on the floral fragrance of Florida for the perfume blog Bois de Jasmin

A hidden part of London of which I had never heard: St Dunstan’s in the East from one of my favourite blogs, Annie’s Insideology

And if any of you have been having problems downloading my most recent love – Instagram onto Samsung Galaxy Tabs or S2s from Google Play (it doesn’t seem to list it as available), simply search for “Instagram android download” on Google from your tab or smartphone and it will take you to Google Play & the miraculously now available Instagram download.

The Sunday Times nominated Postagram as an App of the Week:
“Pick a photo from any of the ones you’ve saved online with Instagram (or held in your phone’s library or linked to your Facebook profile) and it will create a genuine, made-from-dead-trees postcard from it, add a personal message from you and post it anywhere in the world for $1.99 (£1.25) a time. Turnaround should be less than a week. (iPhone App Store, Android Play)

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Postagram gives the lie to those who ask ‘what did Facebook pay all that money for exactly’ when talking about Instagram. You construct a basic ecology and wait for new species to colonise it. Nice, send me a postcard x


Great picks. Love the postcard idea might try that for Erbie’s fairy godmother in San Fran. Alice Temperely’s dresses are gorgeous. Jeddah girls fab idea, would love to see more.
Erbie bedtime now.
Night night.


Sasha, thank you so much for the link to my blog! Needless to say I’m thrilled and enormously flattered. Hope you’re having a wonderfully relaxing time in Austria. Love Annie x
PS love the photos of the women in SArabia, so interesting!


Wow! Just read the New York Time’s social media article as I’m fascinated about how social media has changed how we communicate, do business etc…and discovered that there’s a Facebook page campaigning to bring back Lancome’s Aroma Tonic! It’s a delicious, green tea, limey, zingy, get you up in the morning fragrance that I used to love and scoured shops and duty frees for for years after it vanished from the UK. I’ve still got a dribble left in a small sample bottle that I can’t bring myself to use, so my I’m off right now to Like that Facebook page…

But first, thank you for writing such a great blog. It’s posts like this, and the mix of ones about health and social issues, about business, food and fashion, gadgets and your travels that make it such a good read. (Sorry Grauniad man – modern ladies are capable of talking about such issues with some degree of intelligence and in a way that inspires each other, as well as liking pretty things).

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