Lake Worth

How could I not be calm, when that is the view over Lake Worth (Worthensee for the German-speakers) from my balcony here at Viva Mayr?

This is my second around here at Viva Mayr. The first was in October 2010, where I spent eight days here to try to shake off the exhaustion and illness caused by a dehabilitating parastic infection that I contracted on a work trip to the Dominican Republic, and which put me in hospital and then on bed rest for an entire summer.

I’m here for a different reason this time. Travel, work, stress, all these factors have combined to make me a bit of a mess physically. Although I am here for a re-boot & tune up of my body’s workings, the Viva Mayr clinic is probably best known for effective weight loss, but this is as much a side effect of the clinic’s focus on healing the body’s digestive processes and the cleansing regimen it prescribes, as it is a direct result.

I know I have to start eating properly and respecting my body again. Usually a very healthy eater, a combination of emotional turmoil, my business going from 0-60, unpredictable working hours, and too much time in airports & on planes has really screwed with my diet and my eating habits.

My usually good skin has been breaking out continuously, always a sure sign that something isn’t right on the inside.  I’m about 20lbs or 10 kilos over my happy weight, with most of it resting over my stomach & internal organs putting me at risk of  some serious health issues, and over the past year permanent grey shadows have taken up home under my eyes.  So when I was invited back again, I practically bit their hands off.

I arrived yesterday afternoon, and will be here until next Saturday. I’m hoping that the restricted (but delicious) diet, regular doses of Epsom Salts, daily massage, vitamins & minerals, access to an incredible sauna and steam suite, swimming pool and lake view gym and continuous medical supervision will get me back on the road to wellness.

LLG is a guest of Viva Mayr


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