Lake Worth

How could I not be calm, when that is the view over Lake Worth (Worthensee for the German-speakers) from my balcony here at Viva Mayr?

This is my second around here at Viva Mayr. The first was in October 2010, where I spent eight days here to try to shake off the exhaustion and illness caused by a dehabilitating parastic infection that I contracted on a work trip to the Dominican Republic, and which put me in hospital and then on bed rest for an entire summer.

I’m here for a different reason this time. Travel, work, stress, all these factors have combined to make me a bit of a mess physically. Although I am here for a re-boot & tune up of my body’s workings, the Viva Mayr clinic is probably best known for effective weight loss, but this is as much a side effect of the clinic’s focus on healing the body’s digestive processes and the cleansing regimen it prescribes, as it is a direct result.

I know I have to start eating properly and respecting my body again. Usually a very healthy eater, a combination of emotional turmoil, my business going from 0-60, unpredictable working hours, and too much time in airports & on planes has really screwed with my diet and my eating habits.

My usually good skin has been breaking out continuously, always a sure sign that something isn’t right on the inside.  I’m about 20lbs or 10 kilos over my happy weight, with most of it resting over my stomach & internal organs putting me at risk of  some serious health issues, and over the past year permanent grey shadows have taken up home under my eyes.  So when I was invited back again, I practically bit their hands off.

I arrived yesterday afternoon, and will be here until next Saturday. I’m hoping that the restricted (but delicious) diet, regular doses of Epsom Salts, daily massage, vitamins & minerals, access to an incredible sauna and steam suite, swimming pool and lake view gym and continuous medical supervision will get me back on the road to wellness.

LLG is a guest of Viva Mayr


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i love your Viva Mayr posts – hope you have a lovely stay there and leave totally rejuvenated. reading anything fun there or mostly working remotely? x s


Would like to hear more about the Epsom salt treatments.


I visit your lovely blog daily, for about a year now, but have never commented! (Bad reader!). But the post above prodded me into action – I hope Austria is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, as my Dad would say! Feel more like yourself soon 🙂


Have a lovely time.
You work very hard and deserve the break.


Just been reading your other posts about the Klinic, cripes it sounds rigourous, although I like the idea of somewhere with a toilet round every corner! I think it’s wonderful you have painted toes in the bath shot and the violets are a nice touch.
p.s: Erbie and I met Tara and Connie, who were very sweet and lovely.
Happy chewing. Be well.
W1mum (Sara and Billy)


Take advantage of EVERYTHING they’ve got to offer.
In August last year I contracted glandular fever and a parasite called toxo plasmosis. I was really ill and ended up in the IBAC (infectious diseases) clinic at St Vincents hospital, here, in Sydney. No help, apart from the offer to flood my system with antibiotics, was given. So decided to use Chinese herbs, acupuncture and cupping. I’ve been doing this for 3 months now (my herbalist is also a qualified GP) and the results have been AMAZING. I really mean amazing. It’s not pretty detoxing on the level I have been but feeling ‘normal’, looking better and losing weight have got to be worth every mouthful!
Enjoy your time ….. feel better!
x Alison


Will there be an update to this post? I have never heard about this place before.. it’s not too far for me though as we are in Switzerland.. so I’d b interested to know what you get out of it. Mx


It would be great post-Viva to hear about learnings that could be implemented at home, what you plan on adopting. I wish you a wonderful stay, and look forward to hearing more soon! xx


Poor you Sasha, I’m not surprised you’re run down with the hecticness of your life, it makes me tired just reading about it!

What a lovely place to be invited, I’m sure you’ll be skipping out of there on Saturday feeling like a new woman x

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