The Delaunay

oh JOY. I am currently an incubus of viral plague. I was a little off colour over the weekend, with the sort of anticipatory  burning feeling in the throat I imagine the Twilight vampires suffer from pre-feed. I whacked a load of paracetamol before the My Wardrobe shoot on Monday afternoon, and managed not too look too dredged up from the dead in the photos. But, by the time I arrived at the Christian Louboutin opening party at the Design Museum that night, I was definitely not quite the full QV. (Typical that, given my normal Monday MO – stay at home, write, do email, that I had a packed schedule.)

Thank goodness then for The Delauney on Aldwych, currently one of my favourite London restaurants, for its sophisticated but still rather charming turn of the 19th century air.  It’s not exactly chic in the way its sister establishment The Wolseley is, but it is extremely cossetting with the immaculate service that comes as standard with any of  Chris Corbin and Jeremy King’s restaurants, and so Chloe & I headed there for supper in between the Louboutin opening and the after party at The Ivy Club.

The menu is full of everything I ever want to eat across the gamut of grown-up comfort food.. You can order a proper hotdog for £6.50 or a properly hung steak off the grill for rather a lot more. Or maybe a perfect, and I really do mean perfect, omelette. There is also a lot of excellent cake.

It’s one of the only restaurants in London where I would feel comfortable asking for honey and hot water instead of a cocktail, and where I know it would come without question, with no antsy shrug or ‘we can’t do that’. And just look what our wonderful waitress bought for me. (Above.) What a way to make a poorly person feel glamorous. And the cherry on the icing of our Delauney cake? They didn’t charge me for it, as it was (not) billed as a hot water & lemon.

Although it made me feel much much better, Tuesday was a bit useless, and today has pretty much been a write off. Or a write-less, as I have spent most of it asleep under the duvet. As I have both a work lunch & a dinner tomorrow I am seriously hoping I can pull it together for at least the few hours each function requires…

Thank goodness I am heading for the Viva Mayr Klinik on the shores of Lake Worth on Saturday for a week or so’s rigorous overhauling of my dodgy immune system and over-worked, under-rested body.

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Feel Better!


Feel better soon! Haven’t been to the Delauney yet – but how nice that they gave you honey & hot water (I think it’s appalling that some places charge for hot water) – we’re planning breakfast there over the Bank Holiday.


Poor you! I too woke up with a hellish something, but my Daisy Chakra bracelet was then delivered so immediately I feel better! Thank you for the heads up on that one, I love it!

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