I cannot describe the sheer revolting-ness of my barnet by Saturday morning. On Thursday my hair had been primped and preened all day on and off by the wonderful Maarit Neimala and her team and, whilst it was a marvel and just how I like it for shoots, hair with that much styling product and curling tong action will always turn into straw overnight.

Having managed to oversleep and wake up precisely two minutes before Dom my assistant arrived at work on Friday, I didn’t get round to washing the birds nest on my head until the weekend. By that point, it was an indescribable horror. (Although quite cool if I was planning on a kind of faux-Georgian foot high pompadour for Halloween.)

As I stood under the scalding shower trying to ease the ache in my shoulder muscles, I contemplated the serried ranks of shampoo and conditioner around the bathtub. I needed something with ooomph to soften the tangles so I could actually get a comb through them without tearing out the roots, but that wouldn’t leave my hair in a floppy silicone-rich fluff.

My choice was L’Oréal Professionnel série expert Absolut Repair Shampoo, £7.75, which is billed as being a repairing shampoo for very dry & damaged hair. That’ll be about right then. I followed up with Gielly Green Repair Mask 200ml £29.50 which, apart from being wonderful, smells of fleur de vanille and lemongrass, so your bathroom instantly transfoms into somewhere tropical far, far way from this damn drought-rain miserableness.

I really cannot recommend this combination highly enough. The shampoo is cleansing enough to cope with the accumulated hair product, but nourishing so that it doesn’t strip your hair, whilst the conditioner left my hair so soft, silky but un-fluffy, that it actually looked as though I had blow dried it – instead of leaving it to dry naturally.

Granted, I was given the conditioner as a sample, but I really wouldn’t hesitate to buy it myself at that price point. Mmmmmm. That fragrance, alone…..

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Excellent. That is what I need.

I’m going shopping now.

For that and rich tea biscuits.


Do you know how the Absolut Repair compares to the Intense Repair Shampoo? And the conditioner, I guess that wouldn’t be something you would use daily? Am always looking for new hair products!


I love the image of the faux-Georgian foot high pompadour – wish you had taken a photo.


thank you for the info, although for me the best shampoo and hair conditioner are Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Shampoo and Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner which provide color protection, leave soft, light, silk and shiny. Plus they restore the hair and keep it healthy. 😀


Thanks for the information, very helpful! My hair is thick and curly and the best product I’ve used to take care of dryness is Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner, my hair is hydrated and healthy now 🙂


Pro Naturals works well for me !!

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