This, laydeez and gennelmen, is Isabel Hermione Brown, born on Tuesday 24 April at 1505hrs, weighing 3.75kg, and measuring 48cm. She’s the reason I hoofed it to Lausanne for a baby shower back in March. Her beautiful middle name, “Hermione”, is for Meriel’s father Herman, who chose her name (and never read Harry Potter), and who passed away earlier this year. He was a much valued friend, indefatigable host, fellow lover of cake, and guest blogger for LLG, and we miss him dearly.


I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked by M&P to be her godmother, a role I shall look forward to fulfilling by the obligatory purchase of unsuitable presents, drum kits and the like for the next twenty years or so.


I have just received an update from Baby HQ, which I am running here for the benefit of all our mutual friends who read LLG and who will be delighted to hear the news:  “Isabel’s paediatrician was amazed by her strength – she can already lift her head, which apparently doesn’t normally happen till 6 weeks at the earliest. And tonight she held the feeding bottle herself. I’m placing bets on when she’ll roll over, crawl, walk and compete in the Olympics. Lily is delighted by her baby sister whom she treats like a living doll, though far more gently. She came into the clinic every day to visit, and barely gave me a cuddle as she was so intent on holding Isabel. She’s glad to have us home and is intent on being helpful (which is slightly terrifying at times).”


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What exceptionally beautiful children!


beautiful. Congratulations to all x


What an absolute doll. I don’t often find new babies cute, but she is a dazzler!


Congratulations! Not doing my broodiness for another baby any good these pictures! They’re both beautiful and what stunning curly hair Lily has x


cute baby who has born on my mothers birthday:)


Wow, she’s so beautiful! Congrats xxx


How cute! Congrats! And what a lovely name!



How adorable – I had forgotten how tiny babies are at only a few days of age!!!

Thanks for refreshing my memory – I’d better get use to it as new arrival due in August 🙂

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