I am trying very hard not to think about the fact that I have just lost the most expensive thing I own (in aggregate). More than my car (hmm not that difficult), more than any item of clothing, more than my laptop.

My longed for (over the entire life of the blog & only bought last November) & much loved, never-let-me-down, always-taking- excellent-photos Canon EOS Rebel SLR body along with three lenses, daylight filters, memory card, one half of my remote control, the camera case pictured above and all the images I took on my last day in San Francisco: Golden Gate Park, the Japanese Tea Garden, Out the Door restaurant, the stores on Filmore Street, the Clift Hotel….

I was cross-eyed with jetlag and fatigue after the flight from San Francisco but I do remember very, very clearly looping it on the back of my luggage trolley at Heathrow Terminal One as I arrived in the baggage reclaim. My memories stop there, although I am guessing it was still on the trolley when I arrived at the Heathrow Express platform entrance where you can’t take carts, and unloaded my cases to get on to the platform. So it either got left on the trolley, (unlikely), on the platform bench when I got up to get on to the train  (likely), on the train (very likely), or in the black cab – (pretty sure not.)

I am DESPERATE to get it back – although I realise that it is now unlikely, as my name wasn’t anywhere in the case (lesson firmly learnt), and it is has not yet been listed on the LHR or black cab lost property records.

I am offering a REWARD for its return, but don’t hold out much hope of this message going very far towards the person who may have picked it up. It’s frustrating as second-hand cameras and lenses (especially ones with no provenance) don’t have anything near the value of new ones so essentially it is worth far, far more to me than the person who may have picked it up.

Whilst I was bemoaning the loss (& publicising the reward) on Facebook, a reader recommended this site www.ifoundyourcamera.net from the founders of Post Secret, where lovely civic-minded people post images from memory cards they have found lost or discarded, in the hope that the owners will claim them. (I live in hope. Even the SD card’s return alone would be good, as it represents a whole day’s photography.)

And PassportDelicious.com commented:

“A Virgin flight attendant had the jump seat across from me on London to Tokyo a while back had a good tip about not losing devices while traveling: brightly colored cases. So now my iPhone is in bright green, my Blackberry in purple, my iPad in bright pink, and my DSLR in bright blue. That was 5 years ago and I haven’t lost anything since! And I used to lose A LOT of stuff.”

I think this is a BRILLIANT idea – especially given just how many tech devices (but not mine), are currently sitting in Heathrow Lost Property looking for a home. So I had a quick squint at Amazon, and here are some that could be options for when I save up for a new SLR camera, maybe next year. *weeps*.

Lowepro Nova 140 AW All Weather Shoulder Bag for Digital SLR – Bordeaux Red £35.55
Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 20.41.30

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 45AW – Blue £24.83 (also comes in red).
Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 20.43.51

Oliepops Hot Pink Camcorder/SLR Camera Case £23.99 (Okay it is kinda pink – but you are NEVER going to forgot your camera in this case)
Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 20.46.29

Crumpler Jimmy Bo 700 Hybrid Photo Bag – Red/White £15.95
Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 20.44.59

I also like these little cases for compact digital cameras. Acme Made Sleek Case Camera Case – Yellow£12.64

Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 20.52.34

At top:Lowepro Rezo 160 Black Shoulder Bag £28.54

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Several years ago someone advised me that one should never buy a black purse as you waste hours searching for it in the depths of your bag.

I am sorry you lost your camera – I still mourn the lost of mine, mislaid on a train after a weekend of walking, though it wasn’t nearly as valuable as the equipment you have lost.

You might still be lucky.


Yes, hard lesson LLG. Also, learned while living in NYC: Wear shoulder purse-camera/laptop bag across your shoulder, so you will not run the risk of putting it down for moment, and having it swiped.


I am really sorry for your loss. Close to twenty years ago, I left a camera on a flight. I realised the camera was missing after clearing passport control. I was in a panic when my then boyfriend met me at the gate. When the relationship was in its last gasps, the fact that I was not suitably thrilled to see said boyfriend at the time was brought up.

Oddly, said boyfriend is now a very close and dear friend. (We both had a lot of growing up to do.) And I remember that camera every single time I travel.

I hope you get lucky and recover the camera.


Agh, sorry. I hate losing things, and a DSLR is a doozie.

Have you thought about purchasing a camera second-hand? DSLRs have been around long enough so that it’s possible to find a pretty good deal on a used camera (try eBay or etc.).


@Anne: Yup, that may be the next option…I just worry about warranties etc..LLGxx


@LLG: Also, if you’re looking for an all-in-one carry-on bag with lots of options, I like Flight001’s offerings, and especially like this one as a potential electronics/whatever bag:


Anyway, I hope some kind soul turns in your camera at Heathrow. Fingers crossed.


Bright cases are the way to go. Here in Australia Lowepro is for grandads, Crumpler is THE coolest brand – the bags are very well made and excellently designed for the job. My daughter has been lugging her laptop to school every day for the last two years in their laptop bag the “Reginald Transfer” and it still looks brand new.


@Emma: Is it perverse that that would just make me want to carry one more? I have to say that I really liked my LowePro bag. Inexpensive, very durable and hardwearing and particularly well thought out, with lots of padding, even on the handle itself.

There’s a Crumpler in the list I posted of cases – it does look great, and it’s good to know that they last. LLGxx


Forgot to put the link to Crumpler’s very gorgeous dot print camera bags
BTW I don’t work for them, just have several products that have proved their worth and always find the staff in the Adelaide shop very helpful and friendly.


Visulalise receiving it back….sometimes it works.
All part of life’s lesson these unfortunate experiences.
I had a prototype for my business go missing, I was upset as spent a long time working on it in South America. I visualised and after two weeks of doom had a call, it had been found. Huge relief. See and believe LLG.
You’ll hear from whoever took it.
Fingers crossed for you.


Ahh LLG that sucks so much. I would cry for at least a week if I lost my DSLR and all the lenses! To add to your thoughts about which camera bag to buy next, I’m currently coveting the Rose bag in teal from jototes.com. There’s another website I found recently too, though can’t remember what it was! If I’ll do I’ll post again! Really hope some nice person finds your camera and it gets back to you…


Dear LLG,

Regrets and sympathy for your loss. And maybe to make you feel less alone in your troubles, I have lost my favourite digital projector, and amazing ‘Flip’ video camera over the last 2 weeks on my travels. Unlike you though, I have absolutely no recollection of where I last saw them.

My solution? I think I need to attach them to something that I care about so much that I’d never leave it on a plane. I guess that would have to be one of my kids, my car or my manhood.

On grounds of practicality, cost and I’m currently looking for capacious pantaloons.

Hope that helps.


I have a suggestion to all my fellow readers. How about we all contribute say a couple of pounds? It’s not much for the daily pleasure LLG brings us (think what you pay for newspapers and how useful are they?), and considering the number of people reading the blog, we should soon reach enough to buy her a new one. (It’s very easy to set up through Paypal.)

That way we could give something back.


@JJS: oh BESS YOU. But I wouldn’t DREAM of accepting such an offer. It would feel as though I were being rewarded for my idiocy. And LLG has become my business, so it really wouldn’t be fair for anyone to contribute to that.

I love my readers: you are the most loyal, interesting, communicative funny, brilliant group of people, and that is the biggest reward I could ever have.

I have several smartphones and various little compact digicams which will do the trick whilst I put some money aside to replace my camera.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for even thinking this.


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